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The BIGGEST sale yet!

Tis the season... SALE season! I'm going to give you the 411 on what's going down on my retail sites today through Cyber Monday. Are you ready to take advantage of all of these crazy deals? Hope so!

First of all, above everything else, we have partnered with Mastercard Click to Pay to offer you 20% off ALL of the brands I sell, including (but not limited to); Motives Cosmetics, Lumiere de Vie, Skintelligence, Vitashield, Isotonix, Nutriclean, Layered Jewelry, SNAP home care products, DNA Miracles, and more. Read more about those details by clicking here. The deals don't end there... keep scrolling.

Let me tell you, the promotions you're about to see have never been so abundant. I implore you to take advantage before the inventory runs out or the sale ends, whichever comes first.

Lumiere de Vie and Lumiere de Vie Hommes has a Buy One Get One FREE deal for the first time ever! Click here to check it out. I've already bought all 3 sets because my husband and I use these all the time. LOVE.

Get ready for more pretty... ALL of these palettes are at least 50% off. 🤯 Remember, if you use Mastercard Click to Pay with any of these deals I'm going over, you'll get an additional 20% off!

Oooooooweeee! Let's talk about some stocking stuffers next, yeah? Have you heard about our Motives Mystery Bags? These bags are either 5- or 10-product count and are valued at up to $285. The 5-count is $10, the 10-count is only $20! The fun part about them is that you have no clue what you're getting. It's a complete surprise every time! Excellent for grab bags, Secret Santa's, or gifts for any makeup lover (including YOU). Here are a few examples...

If you need more gift giving ideas, want to learn how you can support Small Business Saturday, or feel like learning a new makeup application technique, I hope you'll drop me a line asap ( so I can add you as a Preferred Client and then into an exclusive Facebook group that will only be active until Cyber Monday. After that, it will be archived and you will have missed your chance. This Facebook group will give you tons of ideas (not just makeup, btw!) for those on your list, PLUS yourself. Even more, you'll have many beauty professionals offering free holiday look advice and much, much more. We will kick things off Friday November 26th with live sessions throughout the weekend. No need to leave your home to join in all the fun!




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