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What's your favorite podcast?

I only recently started dabbling in the podcast world. Traditionally, I've been more of a talk radio kinda gal, listening to funny people on SXM like The Bennington Show and Jim & Sam. When those shows aren't on, I'm listening to business audio books, Netflix is a Joke (also on SXM), and my favorites tunes.

Anyway, that's pretty much unrelated to what this entry is really about.

Recently, my industry buddy Thomas Chaves of Mastershot Films launched NYC Video Podcast. Each week, Tom interviews a member of the NYC area Film & Video Production community about their thoughts on the industry landscape, how they got to where they are, and what makes working in NYC so different than anywhere else. Tom asked if he could interview me and our episode dropped TODAY!

We spoke about my experience as a Makeup Artist, how I started my career in the producing realm (crazy, right?), how I've made it through this pandemic barely working on set, sexual harassment, tips for newbies, and much much more.

Though this episode is probably most geared to those who are working in makeup artistry or aspiring to do so, it is my hope that even if that's not your area of expertise (or if you don't work in the tv industry at all) that you'll help me spread the word by sharing this post. Your support means the world.

You can find NYC Video Podcast at the following links:

Have you already listened? I'd love to hear your feedback.


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