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Holiday Glam

I think we were all pretty psyched for this month's collaboration post! It's holiday time! That means parties, friends, family, food, drinks, and GLITZ! We hope you'll find inspiration from what we've put together for you.


Makeup Artist - Jacqueline Menconi

I enjoyed creating this look for you all. If you try to recreate it I hope you'll tag me in your pictures! Speaking of these pictures, they were taken 5 hours after I applied the look without any touch ups :-)

Skin Prep

You can never skip skin prep, folks! For this look, I started with a freshly cleansed face using the Skintelligence Cleansing Emulsion, followed by the pH Normalizer sprayed generously all over my face and neck. After a moment, I used my magic pads (Timeless Prescriptions Advanced Hydroxy Peel) and swiped those bad boys all over. My skin ALWAYS thanks me when I use them. Incredible. LOVE. After the peel pads, I waited about 3 minutes before applying my Lumiere de Vie Serum Concentrate. I waited another few minutes before applying Lumiere de Vie Super Creme and then Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Eye Cream.


As if I haven't said it enough times, the Motives Mavens Element Palette is the jammy JAM. I mean I am obsessed with it, even after a couple years. It is THE FREAKIN BOMB.COM. I challenge anyone to say differently! I challenge you!!! Before I started the blending session I applied my Motives Eye Base. Remember, a little bit goes a very long way. If you see it on your lids, you've applied too much! Step away from the eye shadow primer! STEP. AWAY.

I packed on Bordaux all over my lid, from inner to outer corner. This color is so gorgeous. It's really a perfect shade for anyone if you wear it correctly. I wanted a darker eye, so I just went for it. With what was left on my brush, I dusted under my lower lashes. After Bordeaux, I took the medium matte brown shade in the palette and "windshield wiper" motioned it through the crease of my eye, blending out any harsh lines I created from the rich wine color. Once I was satisfied with that, I went straight for the matte black. Damn, this shadow is super black and pigmented. I applied it to the outer V area of my eyes, to create an elongated appearance and (of course) to add drama. The lightest shimmer shade in the palette was the perfect shade to go in the inner duct areas to help keep my eyes looking wide and open, even with the darker shades everywhere else. Next up was Little Black Dress gel liner. I dabbed my way along the top lash line to a slight wing, making sure to go thickest on the outside and thinner towards the inner tear duct.

After curling my lashes, I finally got to use the BRAND NEW Fiber Lush Mascara. It's amazing, you guys! It's a1-step, no mess, incredibly formulated mascara (cruelty & paraben free, btw). I wiggled at the root of my lashes and went to town. I only needed 1 coat to make them look this way! ONE COAT!!!


The Lumiere de Vie Pore Minimizing Serum was up first, followed by my custom blend liquid foundation. I used my clean hands to apply both, but you can use a brush or sponge. It's about whatever you're most comfortable with. Concealer wasn't necessary this month so I just skipped it. Next I dusted my custom powder around the outskirts of my face only. I wanted a dewey look, so no need for a lot of powder. I prefer my face when it's very subtly contoured. With that in mind it was time to pick up the 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze, & Highlight kit. I used the contour shade and gently swiped it in the hollows of my cheeks, following the natural grey shadow tone created by the surrounding light. I then took the matte bronze shade from the kit and proceeded to lightly dust it around key points of the face (making "E" and "3" shapes). After the bronzer, I picked up the Motives blush in English Rose. Such a pretty shade! I applied it lightly to the apples of my cheeks and then continued up towards the tops of my ears with the excess. Up next was to lightly (and I mean LIGHTLY) apply Bombshell powder shimmer on my cheekbones. You don't want too much of this, because it's powerful. Too much and you'll look like a disco ball. :-)


I mixed two shades of Mavens Matte liquid lipsticks. I took some Sorry Not Sorry and Dark Side and blended them together on a metal palette before applying. These colors are gorgeous on their own, but create a sexy shade when mixed.

The finishing touch to this whole look was a generous spray of Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray and I was good to go for HOURS.

Have a great holiday season!

Makeup Artist - Leigh Raeder

When I think of the Holidays, I think of glitter!!! So I decided to go with a black glitter eye. Photos by Samantha Lauren Photography.


I started by app​​lying Motives Eye Base on the entire lid

I applied Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Birch (Element Palette) on brow bone

I used Motives Pressed Blush in Baby Doll as transition color

Using a concealer brush, I applied Motives Gel Liner in Little Black Dress as dark base on mobile eyelid

Applies Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Truffle (Element Palette) as transition color on the crease with a crease brush

I patted Motives Glitter Adhesive over the entire mobile lid and covered it with Motives Glitter Pot in Ignite

I used Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line in Jet Black as liner on the waterline

Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Pearl (Element Palette) followed with Motives Gem Sparkles-Zirconia on tear duct

Motives for La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in Black and lashes #112

Motives Brow Kit


Invisiline under the eye area

I applied my Motives Custom Blend Liquid Mineral Foundation using the Motives Foundation Brush

I used the Motives 3 in 1 Contour, Highlight & Bronze Kit and Pressed Blush-Baby Doll on the cheeks

Motives Starshine Shimmers to give a strobing effect

Finished with No More Shine Setting pray


Ombre lip with Motives Liquid Mattes Darkside & She's a Doll

Makeup Artist - Rachel Jones

It's that time of year again! Time to explore fun new make up! And Motives always delivers.

For this look I went to My Party Weapon from Motives. I follow their easy guide to create this dark dramatic Eye.

To start, I used the Pore Minimizing Serum from Lumiere do Vie and my custom blended Motives liquid foundation. I prepped my eyes with the Eye Base and set with a bit of Translucent Loose Powder. I've been lining to the inner rim of my lower and upper lash lines with Little Black Dress Gel Liner. I then applied the eye shadows from My Party Weapon and was thrilled with how little fall out there was! I finished my eyes off with the Lash Primer followed by Motives for Lala black mascara. I used Empress blush to add a bit of life to my paleness and lined my lips with Tender lip line. Of course, I used Dark Side Matte Liquid Stick for a dark pout, everyone's favorite deep lippie. I then set my face with Motives Dual Coverage foundation in light and finished with the No More Shine Setting Spray.


Makeup Artist - Jayme Kauth

I prepped my skin by washing with skintelligence cleanser, used the PH normalizer as my toner and lumiere de vie rejuvenation cream for my moisturizer. I used the motives foundation brush and applied liquid mineral in cream beige all over, followed by Luminous loose translucent powder in light to set my liquid foundation. I then contoured using the 3 in 1 contour powder kit, I was fairly light handed on my nose and my cheekbone area. I highlighted with the new shimmer powder in starshine, something that has stolen my heart! I popped a little bit of Peony pressed blush on the apples of my cheeks. I prepped my eyes with the Eye Base before applying my shadow. I stared with Bedroom Eyes in my crease and blended Vino at my outer crease to deepen and create more drama, I also applied Bedroom eyes/Vino to my lower lash line. I used Pearl as the highlight at my brow bone and tear duct area. I finished off with some gold gem sparkles for a bit of fun! For my top liner I used the Precision Liner in black and the LaLa Volumizing and Lengthening mascara in black. Party on! :)

Makeup Artist - Jennifer Halma

Achieving this Rosé gold smokey eye for the holidays is so fun and easy! I had a great time creating this look for this months blog!


I started with invisiline under the eye area. I then applied Complexion Perfection over the entire face. Next was my Motives custom blended foundation. I applied blush in porcelain doll on the apples of my cheeks. I then highlighted under my eyes with the yellow from the color correcting Palette number 2 and the I highlighted My cheekbone in Motives Shimmer Stick in Moonlight and tipped it with Motives Powder Highlight in Rose Gold to layer it up and I did the same on the forehead and brow bone to give a strobing effect.


Motives Eye Base all over the movable eye lid. I then applied Motives eyeshadow from the Dynasty Palette Luna over the middle mobile lid and tipped it off with Allure shimmer eyeshadow. I then used Electric from the Dynasty Palette on the outer crease and blended that into the inner crease and from the same palette, Medusa to build up depth. Such a great combination! We created a thick line on top of the eye with Motives Little Black Dress gel eyeliner and smudged it out with Medusa. finished off with a coat of Motives Fiber Lush Mascara.


Motives Mavens Matte combo in Darkside and She's a doll for a rosegold lip and topped it off with Motives mineral lip in Dreamer with a tad of Allure shimmer powder in the middle of the pout for extra dimension and shimmer.

I hope you enjoyed this smokey rise gold holiday look!

Makeup Artist - Nicki Hala

Reverse Blue Smokey Eye


Eye base Dynasty palette Little black dress gel liner Brow kit Electric blue kohl eyeliner Mineral mascara by Motives for LaLa Face Complexion face perfecting primer Custom Blend foundation Color correcting quad #2 Loose translucent powder in light 3-in-1 contour kit Shimmer pressed highlighter in star shine Blush in lotus 10 years younger setting spray


Pink Berry

1. I started off by priming my eyes with the eye base and covered my eyelids all the way up to my brow 2. I then grabbed my dynasty palette and used the orange matte color to warm up my crease. I blended the orange in my crease and above my crease. 3. I went in with the light cream color and highlighted under my brow by placing most of the product under my arch and then blending right under the brow. 5. I then took the light blue eye shadow and started from the inner corner and then blended out in the crease. 6. Once I blended the light blue, I took the darker blue and started in the inner corner and blended outwards. Make sure the inner corner has a lot of blue eye shadow. 7. I added the light cream color on the lid near the outer corner to add a little pop. 8. I then created a winged liner using the LBD gel liner and applied mascara to my top lashes. 9. I put the electric kohl liner in my bottom waterline and set that with the light and dark blue eye shadows and then applied mascara on my bottom lashes. 10. I primed my face before applying my custom blend foundation and then used the color correcting quad as a concealer for under my eyes. I set everything with the loose translucent powder. 11. I used the 3-in-1 contour kit to bronze the hallows of my cheeks and on my forehead. I then highlighted my cheekbones with star shine and applied blush to the apple of my cheeks.

12. I applied pink berry lipstick on my lips.

13. Lastly, I sprayed 10 years younger spray to set my entire face.

Makeup Artist - Jessi Jewel

If you are someone that loves all the glitz and glam for the holidays but don't exactly like wearing very bright colors or the always trending red during Christmas time, then this is the look for you!! This look shows a very neutral color pallette, but with a lot more pow and sparkle to the eyes to jazz it up for any holiday special occasion.

So first and foremost to start off any makeup look you must always prep the skin by cleansing, moisturizing, and priming the skin with products that best suit your skin type. This ensures that your skin looks as smooth, glowing, and as flawless as possible once the makeup is applied. NEVER skip this step!! I cleansed my skin with the Skintelligence Deep Cleansing Emulsion, followed by the Cellular Laboratories Day Cream since my skin is a tad drier due to the winter weather, then finished off my skin with the Complexion Perfection Face Primer.

I always do eyes first especially on more dramatic eye looks like this that way incase you do get any fall out shadow or glitter under the eyes, you can just take makeup remover or a cleansing makeup remover wipe to remove it and continue with concealing the under eyes.

The first step in doing the eyes is to prime with an all over eye base. For this look I used the Motives Longwear Liquid Concealer in the, "Light", shade and applied over the entire eye area from lash line to brow bone. Then I applied to the entire brow bone area, "Vanilla Cream", pressed shadow to brighten and lift the brow bone area.

Next for the more dramatic tones I used the Motives Mavens, "Demure Pallette". I started off by applying the shade, "Exposed", to two thirds of the entire eye lid (leaving the very outer section of the lid blank for a darker tone) and also to the top and bottom of the inner corner of the eye.

Next I took the shade, "Lush", and applied that to the crease and blended smoothly up to meet the lighter brow bone shade, and also applied this tone to the entire lower lash line but slightly thicker than normal. Next to finish off the upper portion of the eye place in the very outer portion of the lid (where it was initially left blank for a darker shade) the shade, "Lights Out", pull that shade towards the center of the lid to blend and also blend well into the outer crease. Finally to finish off the eye shadow and connect the outer corner of the eye, take with a small pencil brush and little bit of black eye shadow and apply to the very outer corner of the eye where the upper and lower portions of the eye meet and blend well.

Next step is lining the eyes with black liner! Line the upper lash line with, "Little Black Dress", gel liner and while it is still wet, smudge the liner with a small brush to give a very smoldering affect. Then line the upper and lower waterlines with black khol pencil in, "Onyx", and smudge onto the lower lash line and inner corner or the eye. Now for really fun party the GLITTER!

So in the center of the eye lids take a flat brush and apply the Motives Glitter Adhesive. With the excess adhesive still on the brush, dip into the, "Magic Dust", glitter and place the glitter on the center of the lid in dabing motions and let dry. This adhesive is great and dries really fast so you don't have to worry about keeping your eyes closed for too long or the glitter creasing on you! Once the glitter is on and dry finish off the eyes by applying a generous amount of your favorite Motives mascara and falses lashes if you wear falsies.

Now back to the skin. Apply your favorite foundation all over the face (I use the Supreme Creme Foundation in, "Medium Light", with the yellow undertone) and blend smoothly. Following that apply your concealer (I used the Liquid Correction Concealer in, "Fair") under the eyes and to any other parts of your face that may need more coverage if any is needed. Just before powdering I like to spray the 10 Years Younger setting spray to the face and let it dry for a minute. This gives the makeup SUCH A BEAUTIFUL finish and natural glow and of course gives you that extra long all day stay! Then powder the face with your favorite setting powder, I personally like a high coverage so I set my face with the Mineral Dual Foundation powder in the ,"Neutral Light," shade.

Now to finish off the complexion, blush, bronze and contour the face! I used the 3-in-1 Highlight Contour Bronze Kit to bronze my cheeks and a little on my forehead. Then contour with the darkest tone in the kit the hollows of the cheeks and anywhere else on your face you would like. Finally just on the apples of the cheeks I applied pressed blush in, "Flushed", to give that natural rosey cheek look but of course you can use any warm blush you like!

Now for the lips! The lips in this look are very simple since we brought so much drama to the eyes. I simply took the Mavens Matte Liquid Lipstick in ,"Reveal Me", and applied all over the lips and topped it with the Mineral Lip Shin in, "Toasty Delight".

After the look is completely finished spray again with 10 Years Younger Setting Spray.

Makeup Artist - Sophia Chau Hoang


Face perfecting primer

Liquid powder foundation in almond

fire mavens sculpting

photo finished powder Light and medium

Bronzer California

Duo Sculpting kit

Blush in So PeACHY

highlight in I do palette





cream beige


little black dress

eye liner pencil in black


Sorry Not Sorry

10 years younger setting spray

Makeup Artist - Ash Mac

Happy Holidays!!! For this month’s collaborations, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted my look to be. Not because I couldn’t think of anything, but because I had so many cute ideas. This month I decided to go with the glam! Lots of sparkles!

I started off with a clean face, and applied Motives complexion perfection face primer and then Motives Custom Blend liquid foundation all over. I contoured using Motives sculpt series in Ice and then set with my Custom Blend powder. I went over my contour a tad more with my Motives 3-in-1 highlight and contour kit and bronzer in Miami Glow. Then topped my cheeks off with my pressed blush in Flushed. Next, I decided to do my lips by mixing the All Day Matte Liquid Stick in Blackberry and Mavens Matte in Daddy’s Girl until I got a beautiful mauve-y color. I then went to my eyes. I applied the Motives eye base all over my lid and set it with Birch from the Elements palette. From there I applied the newest Eye Illusions eyeshadow in Limitless on the bottom lash line and in the crease and blended it upwards with a little bit of Native from the Elements palette, and then patted Shell (again from the Elements palette) from my lashline to my crease to define my lid. I added the Motives glitter adhesive right on top of Shell and then patted my favorite glitter pot in Diamond with a small flat brush right on top before the adhesive could dry. Allowing time for the adhesive to dry, I filled in my brows with Motives essential brow kit. Once the glitter was dry (it takes less than 60 seconds), I took an angled brush and applied Motives gel liner in Little Black Dress across my lash line. I then finished my look with my newest obsession, Motives Fiber Lush mascara, which is an easy 1-step fiber mascara and applied it on my top lashes. Set the whole look with 10 yrs younger setting spray.


A Little Risque

Emerald City


I love how this look turned out and had a lot of fun doing it too! Try it out at your next special event!

Makeup Artist - Rachel Lorraine


1. Skintelligence pH Normalizer – sprayed generously all over face

2. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Body Balm – applied with fingertips, applied generously all over face and neck

3. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Eye Creme– Applied with finger tips around eyes

4. Lumiere de Vie Pore Minimizing Serium – applied with fingers to my T-zone (forehead, nose and chin)


5. Motives Eye Base – applied with flat eye brush all over lid (from brow to lash line)

6. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Timeless applied all over the lid to set the base

7. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in ChocoLight applied all over mobile eyelid, and blended out (also carried underneath the eye)

8. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Truffle from the Element Palette, I wet a flat brush with our 10 Years Younger spray and applied this generously over the mobile lid, I then layered it with the color Mood Light from the My Party Weapon palette (again with a wet flat brush)

9. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Raven from the Element Palette applied into the crease and outer corner

10. Motives Fiber Lush Mascara applied generously to top & bottom lashes

11. Motives Essential Brow Kit using the darkest shade, applied with a flat eye liner brush I shape the brows ( darken the color using the eye shadow ChocoLight)

12. Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner in LITTLE BLACK DRESS applied with a flat eyeliner to create a wing and also applied to the water line (top & bottom)

13. Motives Glitter Eyeliner in Gold Digger, applied to inner corner of eyes and carried slightly underneath


14. Motives Color Correction Quad, I’m a little red from all of the sun I got while in the Caribbean on vacation so I used a small amount of the green from this quad with our blending sponge to cancel out the redness on my cheeks (and a few breakouts)

15. Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Almond (mixed in a little Sandy Beige, because thank you beautiful Caribbean sunshine for my tan!) applied with a foundation brush and then I wet our blending sponge with 10 Years Younger Spray and blend it out

16. Motives Color Perfection Quad in light, used the darkest color (bottom left) to cover up dark under eye circles, blending out with the damp blending sponge, then go in with the 2 colors on the right to highlight under the eye, down the center of the nose and center of chin, again blending out with the damp blending sponge

17. Motives Translucent Loose Powder in Light , with a different (clean & dry) blending sponge set the under eye, nose and chin area with the powder. I apply this VERY generously to be dusted off later

18. Motives 3-n-1 Contour Bronze & Highlight Kit, with an angled contour brush I chisel out my cheeks, nose, tops of my forehead and define my chin line.

19. Motives Pressed Blush in Socialite applied to apples of the cheeks using a blush brush

20. I then dust off all the excess setting powder under my eyes, nose and chin with a clean fan brush, and then lightly blend out anything left over

21. Motives Shimmer Powder in BOMBSHELL applied with a fan brush on high point of my cheek bones. I also use a fluffy eye shadow brush and apply a little directly underneath my brow bone, at the highest point

22. Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, sprayed generously all over face


23. For a long lasting, all night wear I mixed our Mattie Lippies in the colors She’s A Doll & Darkside (seriously my fave combo!)

Makeup Artist - Monina Wright


1. Prepped with entire Lumiere line

2. Used invisiline to minimize my pores and acne scars

3. Applied my Custom Blend Liquid Foundation with Beauty Blender

4. Brushed on Centerfold mineral blush


1. Applied Eye Base all over lids

2. Just on Lowe lids I smudged on Brown Sugar cream eyeshadow

3. With a flat brush I applied Truffle from the Elements palette over the Brown Sugar cream shadow to intensify the Truffle

4. Applied Naive eyeshadow in the crease area

5. As my transition color I used Shell blending up towards my brows

6. Final touch for my Holiday look, I dabbed a small amount Glitter called ASPIRE


1. Mixed Concord and Mocktail Mattes together

2. Using a stiff Lip brush I line my lips with Concord

3. Using same lip brush I blend the two colors onto my entire lip

Makeup Artist - Kinley Kay

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! ;)

Yay holiday looks! This is my favorite time to do my makeup. I always have a little fun with it and enough to make my family do a double take!

Let's start off with a fresh clean face. Micellular Cleanser is the BOMB!! I'm seriously so obsessed with this stuff...then I applied pore minimizing serum for a flawless, even canvas. My face is set to go!

Let's prime them eyes with the smoothest eye base out there, Motives Eye Base. To start my eye shadow action, I'm kicking it old school with my favorite My Beauty Weapon palette. I blends Chocolate and Ivory into my crease for a nice base. And then I'll blend in some Plum to romance it up. I used Smoke only in the outer corner so give some sultry dimension. Blended Smoke and Plum for a nice smooth low lash line liner. In the center of my lid I blended Venus and Moss for a shimmer effect. That glitter liner is Motives Gold Liquid Liner and it gives me LIIIIFE!!! I wish I could wear glitter every day of the year...seriously....

Let's beat that face!

I always start by concealing my under eyes and any other imperfections. My go to is the Liquid Correction in Fair. And I just dusted our pressed powder in Neutral Light all over to finish the foundation...I have pretty nice skin thanks to Lumiere De Vie so I don't always need full coverage!

I always contour with 3-in-1 contour kit for that dramatic precision.

I changed things up a bit today by using the blush and highlight from the I Do palette (the formula of this palette is sickening----BUTTERY!!) so soft and beautiful!!

My brows are completed with the 3-in-1 brow kit. Always starting with the the light shade and creating dimension with the darker shade and finishing with the wax to groom my outrageous brow hairs!

My lips are filled with Liquid Lipstick in shade Seduction for that all day wear. I felt this color complimented best with the Plum I put on my eyes.

I finished my eyes with the new Motives Fiber Lush step volumizer!!! DEAD.

And as always, I finished with our 10 years younger setting spray to make sure my look lasts all night through my Holiday Parties.

Hope this look inspired you to take your Holiday Glam to the next level! Cheers loves!

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