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Young Jacqueline

Hey there!

I'm Jaxx and I'm a traveling Makeup Artist & Wellness Consultant based in northern New Jersey, about 15 minutes from Manhattan.

My two areas of passion are makeup artistry and health & wellness. My father owned one of New Jersey's largest fitness facilities, which (since I practically grew up there) fostered a keen understanding of the impact that fitness & nutrition have on one's health and one's looks. My mother owned her own cosmetics line and, when I was old enough to start creating my very own "signature" look, insisted that I learn proper makeup application.

Fast forward to today, I'm fortunate to have built a strong and flourishing business that allows me to work with a variety of clients. I specialize in beauty makeup for TV, Commercial, Digital, Branded Content, Corporate video work, and Virtual Lessons & Consultations.



What you may not know about me is that after graduating from Rider University with a BA in Communications, I didn't immediately enter the beauty industry. I went to college to be a television producer and that is what I did for several years. During that time, I worked with some truly phenomenal makeup artists on set, and became savvy as to how they modified makeup application to suit different lighting (as well as different client specifications). Their ability to transform actors and models into the exquisite icons we know and love fueled the urge for me to do the same.


And so I did.


I left the producing life to attend The Makeup Designory in New York City, along with numerous other pro workshops & classes at other reputable studios. My background as a Producer allows me to utilize those extensive skill sets as they relate to makeup for varying light temperatures, 4K+ cameras, and navigating set in full stealth mode.


Jaxx in action

Here's the thing... I love makeup and always will, but I still know that it should never be used in an attempt to correct bad health habits. This is why after years of attending health lectures & seminars, I help my clients learn how to create beauty from the inside out by teaching the importance of exercise, diet, and proper supplementation. I'm also certified to help physicians and health care professionals of all kinds implement a variety of customizable wellness programs, and I extend my teachings one-on-one with select clients.


Ok, that's enough about me. How can I help you?


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