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Over the years, I've tried hundreds of cosmetic & skincare products from just as many brands. From high-end department store luxury lines, to major national drugstore brands, to countless professional lines, I've practically used them all. And because I believe that beauty starts on the inside, I've also researched numerous brands of vitamins and supplements. Since many of them made me feel nauseated, rather than vivacious and healthy, I've put together a list of the ones that I do recommend.


Click on the links below to discover products that I know, trust, use, and love. I'm sure you'll see why they get my endorsement. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me for a free consultation, which can be done via phone or video chat.






and Skincare


and Skincare

The makeup & skincare products that have taken over my personal & professional kits can be viewed by clicking here.

Loren Ridinger has created a high-quality line that's beautifully priced and for all skin types and shades. I use these products on myself, and on others, for commercial, television, editorial shoots, and weddings.


Unlike other brands on the market, Motives has the added uniqueness of being tailored to each client through the Custom Blending program. I have the capability of creating a completely customized liquid, cream, and powder makeup, based on your specific needs and skincare concerns.


If you are interested in partnering with me & Motives Cosmetics, please hold off on registering your business until we have discussed all of your options.



The same parent company as Motives (Market America) is the exclusive retailer of Isotonix. They offer many high-quality vitamin supplements that I'm sure you'll love. Their OPC3 Beauty Blend is product that enhanced the look and feel of both my skin and hair. After only 1 month, my skin was visible more vibrant and my thinning hair (a problem I had for years) was showing new growth!


If you need help finding out which vitamins and supplements best suit your needs, take the NutriPhysical quiz by clicking here. If you'd prefer, message me to schedule a consultation.


The Company

Market America (MA) is a forward-thinking company that I'm proud to represent as an independent franchise owner. Since being founded in 1992, Market America has continued to obtain exclusive formulas from a variety of top-rated manufacturers, which enables them to rapidly address consumer demands and trends, unlike companies who simply sell a single product or line. Their products are of the highest quality and I am able to sell them directly to you at a significant savings. If that wasn't impressive enough, MA helps its independent franchise owners to create a will-able shopping annuity, that will pay you residual income for the rest of your life.




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