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Are you unknowingly flushing your money down the toilet?

Do you supplement your diet by taking extra vitamins and minerals daily? If you're living in the United States where our general food supply is RIDDLED with toxic pesticides (over 80,000 new chemicals were introduced to our crops in the last 20 years), it's time to start thinking about it.

It's a thing of the past to be able to get the necessary nutrition that your body needs simply by eating "healthy." Unless you have a fully functional organic garden in your back yard, you are not. That is our harsh reality in this country. So, let's talk about supplementation and your body.

Did you know that not all supplements are created equal? You may think you're getting a deal when you score a 2 for 1 at CVS with your Extra Care card, but buyer beware. Paying $1 for non-absorbable vitamins (that can actually be toxic) would be too much to spend!

Let's compare supplements for a moment. Should you go with an isotonic formula or pills/tablets? There have been numerous studies done, and the conclusion is resoundingly clear that the advantages of isotonic formulas far outweigh pill-based products. Read on to learn why.

Isotonic by definition means noting or pertaining to a solution containing the same salt concentration as mammalian blood. In simpler terms, an isotonic solution is one that is of the same fluid pressure as our blood, sweat, and tears. An isotonic solution does not need to be digested, as our body recognizes it as a familiar substance.

One of the most referred-to statements is found in the Physician’s Desk Reference on page 1542. In this widely used medical reference book, it is noted that isotonic formulas can be absorbed up to 98%. I'll repeat, UP TO 98%!! On the contrary, it also states the absorption rate of pills and capsules is 5% - 18% at best. This means that 80-95% of the ingredients contained in pills are excreted or eliminated from the body, which in itself can be very difficult on one’s system.

When we translate this into cash money, it means that for every $100 you spend on pills, approximately $90 ends up being flushed down the toilet. Whereas with isotonic forms of the same supplement have an absorption rate of up to 98%.

Another example of this in monetary terms would be to compare your purchases to buying gasoline for your car. Would you be happy if you paid $40 at the gas pump only to see that you only received $2.40 worth? I wouldn't be a happy camper, that's for sure.

Do you take supplements? If not, why? If yes, why? I want to know!

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