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We do - March Collaboration Project

We're baaaaaaaack! Over the next several months, the Professional Makeup Artists from my last blog post will be working diligently to bring you some really fun collaborations. For this month, we have incorporated the brand spankin new Motives I Do Palette and Aurora Gem Sparkles into a detailed "Get the Look" post. We think it's great to see how different the same products can look depending on who is wearing them!

We hope you enjoy it!

Here are the products that all of our images will have in common.


Leigh Raeder - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

1. Skintelligence PH Normalizer

2. Skintelligence Daily Moisture Enhancer

3. Motives Invisiline-Under the eye area using Motives Concealer Brush


1. Applied Motives Eye Base to the entire eye lid using Motives Concealer Brush 2. Eyebrows filled in with Motives Eye Brow Pencil-Light Brown 3. Motives Crease Brush used to apply "Dance" from the I Do Palette and made a "V" on the outer corner of the eye 4. Applied "Cake" from the I Do Palette to the center of the mobile lid using the Motives Large Eye Shadow Brush 5. Applied "Rings" from the I Do Palette to the inner corner of the eye with the Motives Blender Brush and blended it in to the other colors on the lid including into the crease of the eye. 6. Used "Lace" from the I Do palette to highlight the brow bone with the Motives Eye Shadow Brush 7. Lined upper lid and the bottom corner with "Brown" eyeliner included in the I Do Palette 8. Smudged the brown liner with the Motives Angled Liner Brush that was dipped in the "Kiss" eye shadow from the I Do Palette

9. Sprayed the Motives Crease Brush with 10 Years Younger Setting Spray and dipped it into Gem Sparkles-Zirconia. Then used a patting motion to apply it to the inner corner, and swept it onto the rest of the mobile lid. 10. Motives La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in Black on her eyelashes


1. Applied Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in shade Linen with Motives Foundation Brush 2. Contoured underneath her cheek bone with "Toast" from I Do Palette using the Motives Contour Brush 3. Applied "Love" from I Do Palette to her cheeks using the Motives Blush Brush 4. Highlighted her cheek bones with "Vows" from I Do Palette

5. Completed her look by spritzing her entire face with Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray to ensure that her makeup will last 16 hours


Applied All Day Liquid Stick in Seduction and blended in Motives La La Mineral Lipshine in Celeb using the Motives Lip Brush


Rachel Lorraine - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

1. Lumiere De Vie Needle-Free Serum – 1 pump, applied mostly to forehead, around the eyes and smile line area. Let dry for 1-2 minutes. 2. Lumiere De Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème – small nickle size dollop applied all over face and neck 3. Motives Complexion Perfection Face Primer – small pea size applied sparingly all over face


1. Motives Eye Base – applied with flat eye brush all over lid (from brow to lash line) 2. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Timeless applied all over the lid to set the base 3. I Do Palette Eye shadow in CAKE applied with a fluffy blending brush to outer corner and into crease 4. I Do Palette Eye Shadow in KISS applied with a small dome detail brush into outer corner and into the crease 5. I Do Palette Eye Shadow in LACE applied with a flat small eye shadow brush in the inner corner/mid mobile lid area and directly under the brow line for highlight 6. Motives Glitter Adhesive applied over Lace to prep for glitter (apply one eye at a time so it doesn’t dry before getting the glitter on) 7. Motives Gem Sparkles (A Collaboration w/ Aurora Gonzalez Bravo) in Zirconia, applied with a small flat brush over the glitter glue. Apply in patting motions to keep the glitter from falling all over the face 8. Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner in Little Black Dress – applied using a skinny eye liner brush to create wing, also applied in water line 9. I Do Palette Eye Shadow in Rings applied using small detail brush to inner corner and just below brow line for highlight 10. Motives La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in Black, applied to top & bottom lashes 11. Lashes by House of Lashes in Pixie Luxe 12. Smoke out bottom lash line with eye shadows Cake and Kiss, using small detail brush 13. Motives Essential Brow Kit using the darkest shade, applied with a flat eye liner brush I shape the brows, then went over with a burgundy color from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette to color match hair.


1. Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Tender Beige, blended with Cameo Beige, applied with a foundation brush and then dampened the Motives blending sponge with 10 Years Younger Spray to blend it out. 2. Motives Color Perfection Quad in light, used the darkest color (bottom left) to cover up dark under eye circles, blending out with the damp blending sponge, then go in with the 2 colors on the right to highlight under the eye, down the center of the nose and center of chin, again blending out with the damp blending sponge 3. Motives Translucent Loose Powder in Light , with a different (clean & dry) blending sponge set the under eye, nose and chin area with the powder. Apply this VERY generously to be dusted off later. 4. Motives 3-n-1 Contour Bronze & Highlight Kit, with an angled contour brush to chisel out cheeks, nose, tops of my forehead and define the chin line. 5. I Do Palette blush in LOVE applied to apples of the cheeks using a blush brush 6. I do Palette highlight in VOWS, applied using a fan brush 7. Dust off all the excess setting powder under the eyes, nose and chin with a clean fan brush, and then lightly blend out anything left over 8. Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, sprayed generously all over face


1. Motives Lip Crayon in Neutral – applied all over the lips 2. Motives La La Mineral Lipstick in Nice applied mostly to center of lips, to give pouting effect 3. Motives La La Mineral Lip Shine in Amazing mostly in center of lips


Monina Wright - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

Applied Skintelligence Daily Moisturizer and Motives Face Perfecting Primer


1. Put Eye base all over lids then patted a generous amount of RINGS from I Do Palette on lower lid (Tip: apply Motives loose Translucent Powder in LIGHT under eyes to catch any fallout from darker shadows) 2. Applied DANCE from I Do Palette on outer half of lower eyelid

3. With a fluffy round brush, added CAKE from I Do Palette in the entire crease area 4. Used an angle brush to apply KISS from I Do Palette to create the outer contour shape and continued it over the crease area. 5. Wet the liner brush with 10 Years Younger and dip into KISS to create a custom liner 6. Draw a slight winged eyeliner on top, then repeat this step with DANCE on the lower lash line.

7. For Extra added Drama to the Eyes, dust Obsession Eye Shadow (color sold seperately) along the center of the crease line

8. Motives for LaLa Volume & Lengthening Mineral Mascara layered on lashes


1. Applied Medium with Yellow Undertone Supreme Creme foundation 2. With an angled blush brush, highlight the cheekbones with VOWS then apply LOVE onto the apples of the cheeks. Both colors in the I Do Palette

3. FINAL LOOK seal with 10 Years Younger Setting Spray

Lips Lined the lips with Passion lip crayon, then topped it off with HOPELESS liquid lip color


Rachel Jones - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

1.Lumiere De Vie Toner, followed by the Skintelligence Skin Perfecting Complex and the Skintelligence Daily Moisturizer.

2. For acne marks & to combat the dry skin, layer the Fringe Benefit from the Custom Blend Foundation Kit. The Fringe Benefit works to hydrate and plump the skin unlike anything else!


1. Used the Primer Brush to apply Motives Eye Base all over lid from lash line to brown bone.

2. Applied Cake from I Do Palette in the center of the eye and worked in from lash line to just above crease, using the flat shadow brush from the Motives 15 Piece brush set.

3. Used the same brush to apply Rings from I Do Palette to the inner third of the eyelid, which helps open up the face.

4. Took the small detail shadow brush and applied Kiss from the I Do Palette to the outer corner, blending inward and up slightly into the crease.

5. Applied the colour Lace along the brow bone, patting gently into place and blending with Cake for a flawless look.

6. Used the Motives Glitter Adhesive to line the eye with the Angled Eye Liner brush and layered the Morganite Gem Sparkle for the upper eye liner.

7. Used the angled eye liner brush to first line with Cake for the bottom lash line, then used the small detail brush to blend in the colour Dance.

8. Used Lustrafy High-Definition Mascara in Onyx.

9. Filled in my brows with the dark powder from the Essential Eye Brow Kit with the Angled brush.


1. Used the Foundation Brush to apply Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation in Cream Beige.

2. Buffed Neutral Photo Finished Pressed Powder all over the face.

3. Lightly applied Vows from the I Do Palette to highlight above brows, around the top of the cheek bone and in the dip above the lips.

4. Used Love blush from the I Do Palette with the Motives Cheek Countoured brush.

5. Used the round blush brush from the Professional Brush Set to create cheek bones with the dark shade of the Shape and Sculpt Duo.

6. Set the look with the Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, creating that gorgeous healthy glow you can only get with this product.


Fetish lipstick with Kiss Me gloss


Jacqueline Menconi - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

1. Skintelligence pH Normalizing toner spray

2. Lumiere de Vie Illuminating Fading Fluid

3. Lumiere de Vie Serum Concentrate

4. Vitashield C & E Intensive Moisturizer

5. Vitashield Intensive Eye Firming Treatment

6. Motives Invisiline in T zone and under eyes


1. Motives Eye Base lightly blended from lash line to brow bone with finger

2. "Lace" from I Do Palette all over lid, blending upwards towards the brow with a flat, all over shadow brush

3. "Rings" from I Do Palette in the inner corner with a pencil brush

4. "Cake" from I Do Palette swept through the crease as a transition color with a pony tail brush

5. "Dance" from I Do Palette on the lid, focusing on the outer half only. Tapping motion to apply product with a flat shadow brush.

6. "Kiss" from I Do Palette in the outer V area with a rounded pencil brush, blending the excess into the crease with a pony tail brush.

7. Brown pencil from the I Do Palette to line the upper lid, lower lid, and water line.

8. Kiss to diffuse and elongate the brown penceil on top and to smudge bottom which creates a more sultry effect.

9. Motives Lash Curler

10. Motives for LaLa Volumizing and Lengthening Mineral Mascara in Black, layered for a more dramatic look without clumping.

11. Motives Essential Brow Kit to fill in brows

12. For added drama, use Motives Glitter Adhesive on lid and pat Gem Sparkles in Zirconia. Do one eye at a time to prevent adhesive from drying too quickly.


1. Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Tender Beige blended into the skin with a damp beauty blending sponge

2. Motives Long Wear Liquid Concealer in Light Pink Undertone under the eyes, around nostrils, and on chin to cover any existing redness or discoloration

3. Motives Loose Translucent Setting Powder in T-zone only to keep radiant look, without unnecessary shine.

4. "Love" from the I Do Palette swept on the apples of the cheek and then upwards diagonally with a fan brush

5. "Vows" highlighting powder dusted to cheek bones and cupid's bow with another fan brush

6. "Toast" to warm up the face as a bronzer. Placed around the face in a "butterfly shape," touching around the forehead, under the cheek, and at the jaw line.

7. 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray all over


1. 40fy Lip Treatment lightly applied

2. Motives Ultra Matte Lipstick in Seduced


Kinley Kay - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

Motives Makeup Remover wipes

Lumiere de Vie Needle Free serum

Cellular Laboratories eye cream

Cellular Laboratories Hand & Body cream to moisturize the face


1. Motives eye base

2. "Lace" from I Do Palette from lash line to brow for a smooth base

3. Mixture of "Cake" and "Kiss" from the I Do Palette in the crease

4. "Dance" from the I Do Palette on the lid

5. "Rings" from the I Do Palette on top of Dance in center of lid for a pop of brightness

6. Kiss as a soft smokey liner on top and bottom

7. Motives for LALA mascara in black

8. 112 lashes from motives

9. Motives Essential Brow palette to fill in brows


1. Perfecting Quad for foundation

2. "Toast" from I Do Palette as bronzer and contour

3. "Love" from I Do Palette for blush

4. "Vows" from I Do Palette for cheek bone and brow highlight

5. 10 Years Younger Setting Spray


Seduced on lips with Vows on center of lips for highlight


Jennifer Fernandez - Makeup Artist

Skin Prep

Lumiere De Vie Serum Concentrate


1. Motives Eye Base

2. Pack matte pale pink in "Lace" from I Do Palette all over eye.

3. Highlight the brow and inner eye with "Rings" from I Do Palette

4. Mix "Dance" and "Cake" from I Do Palette for the crease

5. Add Gem sparkles in "Morganite" on the mobile eyelid


1. Custom blend foundation all over face

2. Concealer in Amber, applied lightly under eyes

3. Contour and warm the skin with "Toast" from the I Do Palette

4. Blush the cheeks with "Love" from the I Do Palette

5. For eye catching highlight, used "Vows" on cheek bones


Dusty Rose lip liner with Silhouette Mineral Lipstick

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