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The Ultimate 5 Product Face

Who doesn't love saving time in the morning? As a self-proclaimed makeup lover, I enjoy applying my makeup every day. To me it isn't a chore, but more of a ritual. No matter how early I need to be on set for a commercial or at a hotel for a bridal client, I make it a point to allow extra time for myself and my makeup routine.

Now with that said, I tend to go through stages of how I wear "my face." I'll get all of the new pretty products and will use them for months at a time in different variations before I move on to something else. Even through that process, it is typical for me to use anywhere from 6-10 products daily, depending on the look I'm striving to achieve.

The Pro Makeup Artists featured in this blog post all realize & appreciate that the majority of makeup wearers out there yearn to have the most simple routine, but still look flawless & put together. I know I speak for the others when I say that it was a bit challenging to be restricted to only 5 products... BUT WE DID IT... FOR YOU! :-)


Jacqueline Menconi - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

1. First, I applied Motives Liquid Mineral Foundation in Tender Beige all over my face because I need more coverage than usual this week.

2. Next, I broke out the Motives 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze, & Highlight kit. I used the highlight shade as my eye shadow base. I then mixed the two darker shades and used a pony tail brush to swipe the color through the crease, for some light eye contouring. With the same palette, I then used a fluffy powder brush to apply the bronzer shade in a few key points around my face.

3. With a angled blush brush, I applied my new favorite blush (Motives Peach Beige) just under my cheek bones for a natural glow.

4. My Motives I Do Palette came in handy because I needed a good jet black shadow to use as my eye liner. To apply it, I used an angled liner brush and concentrated on the outer corners, rather than having a thick black line across the lid. I like this technique with my eye shape and tend to do it very often.

5. I'm obsessed with lashes, but not fake ones. In the past, I've had issues with certain "natural" mascaras making my lashes fall out. Motives LaLa Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara is extremely moisturizing and pitch black. I love it so much because it doesn't clump or shed throughout the day.

6. I'm not a huge lipstick girl. In fact, I mostly wear my Motives Lip Balm or 40FY treatment even if I'm going somewhere special. I have to say, I am in love with the new Motives Matte Lipstick in Seduced. The color is perfect! It's not over powering but is still enough color to make a statement.

And I am only now realizing that I miscounted and used 6 products instead of 5. Oh boy... If I said it was a long day, would that be an acceptable excuse? :-P If you'd like to keep it to 5 products, you can choose to skip either the blush OR the contour kit for this look. I will now sit back and wait for one of my 6 peers to yell at me for not following my own rules. Sorry ladies! I know I'm the worst! #loveyoumeanit #cantcount #calculatorsforlife :-D

Jennifer Fernandez - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

What a fun challenge to have been up for this month on our Pro Artist Collaboration! We wanted to challenge ourselves in completing a full face with only 5 Motives Cosmetics products to show how easy you can achieve a full look effortlessly and in record time I must say!

1. Motives Mavens Contour Palette in Fire: This was a no brainer because I love a sculpted complexion and I really like how I can highlight, cover blemishes and contour with just one palette.

2. Blush Bronzer Duo: The blush is so pretty and gives the cheeks just the most beautiful flush and the bronzer sculpts and sets the cream contour from the fire palette. This is a great palette to have with you at all times!

3. Eyebrow Kit: I need lots of filling in on the eyebrows and this is my best friend. I also like how I can use the wax to tame the stray hairs and I can also use this to achieve a smokey eye when in a pinch!

4. Motives La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in Black: This mascara gives length and volume!

5. All Day Liquid Lip in Love Bites: This color is so long lasting. I think it looks great on so many skin tones!

Monina Wright - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

1. Using a foundation brush I applied my Liquid Custom Blend all over my face. I applied an additional amount on my cheeks to cover up my acne scars and pigmentation.

2. With my angle brush, I dipped into the chocolate eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I used the same shadow to line my lower lashes and to contour the outer corners of my eyes to open them up.

3. To brighten my face I applied the light mineral pressed powder under my eyes in a triangle and blended with the beauty blender. I used the same powder as my eye base to open up my eyes.

4. Then I lined my top lashes with my favorite eyeliner, Luxe Precision liner in black.

5. To finish off my look, I applied 2 coats of my favorite mascara, the La La mineral mascara in black.

Leigh Raeder - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

1. I started by using Motives Flat top foundation Brush to apply Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Vanilla Cream.

2. I used the Motives Contour Brush to apply the darkest powder in the Motives Eyebrow kit to contour my cheeks.

3. Using the Motives Crease Brush, I applied the lightest powder in the Eyebrow Kit to the crease of my eyes. I used the Motives Angled Liner Brush to apply the darkest powder in the Eyebrow Kit to my lower lash line then continued on the top outer corner of my eyes.

4. I used the same brush and powder to fill in my eyebrows.

5. Using the Motives Blush Brush, I applied Motives Pressed Blush-So Peachy to my cheeks, and used the Motives Blender Brush to apply a little of the same blush to my mobile lid.

6. I applied Motives for La La Mineral Mascara-Black to my eyelashes.

7. I finished by using Motives Matte Lipstick-Smolder.

Kinley Kay - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

1. I used Motives Liquid Mineral Foundation in Linen all over my face, including my eye lids.

2. The Motives 3-n-1 Contour Bronze & Highlight Kit is so versatile! I used it for contouring my face, for filling in my brows as well as for the crease colors on my eyes.

3. I applied Motives Paint Pot in Allure on the center of my eye lid and also on my cheek bones as a shimmery highlight.

4. Next up was Motives La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in black.

5. Lastly, I used the Motives Revenge Lip kit as a cream blush and on my lips.

Rachel Jones - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

Picking five products was so hard, as I tend to go all out with my every day make up. It actually took me three attempts to get down to just five products. 1. After cleansing and exfoliating my face for a fresh application I applied my custom blended BB cream. This is a one product application designed to hydrate, control shine and colour correct some redness in my skin for a flawless look. 2. For me, eyebrows are the bomb. I cannot live a life without eyebrows! My favourite products that I use on a day-to-day basis is the Motives Essential Eyebrow kit. Using the angled eyeliner brush I create the shape I want with the dark colour and then use the light-colour to fill in. I then seal my eyebrows with the soft wax in the kit. 3. I then decided to highlight my eyes with the same product. I applied the Motives Eye Base lightly on my eyes and then used the dark colour for the mobile lid and the light colour for the crease. I love the natural smoky look that this achieves. To finish my eyes I applied the Lala Mineral Mascara in black. 4. I then took the same Essential Eyebrow kit and used the dark colour to create my contour on my cheekbones. Since I was going for a natural look I skipped the blush today. 5. I topped the look with my favourite All Day Liquid Stick, Seduction! And, voila, a simple, freshfaced look, ready for anything that the day brings me.

Rachel Lorraine - Makeup Artist

My 5 Product Face

1. I applied Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Tender Beige all over my face (including eyes) with a foundation brush and then I wet our blending sponge (with 10 Years Younger Spray) to blend it out.

2. Using the darkest shade of the Motives Essential Brow Kit, I used a flat eye liner brush to shape my brows.

3. With an angled contour brush and the Motives 3-n-1 Contour Bronze & Highlight Kit, I used the 2 darkest shades to bronze my cheeks, jawline and a little around my hairline on my forehead.

4. I used the lightest color in the Motives 3-n-1 Contour Bronze & Highlight Kit trio to brighten up under my eyes & T-zone (forehead and down the center of my nose).

5. After curling my lashes, I applied 2 coats of Motives La La Mineral Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara in black.

6. BONUS: To switch up the look and add a bit more pop, I added the Motives All Day Liquid Stick in SHOCKWAVE.


Could you achieve any of these looks with only a few key products? We want to know what you think! As always, ask us any questions below.

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