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April Artist Spotlight - Rachel Jones

One every month through September, I will be spotlighting one of the Motives collaboration makeup artists. These posts will allow YOU to get to know us better. The April spotlight belongs to Rachel Jones of B Pretty. It's her birthday month so show her some love and share this post on social media!


Makeup is my passion. Practicing technique, playing with colour, applying trends to models or teaching every day women how to enhance their natural beauty - it all sizzles for me. My name is Rachel Jones, and I have a serious problem with lipstick - I can never have enough! Thank goodness I've found my match with Motives Cosmetics and their extensive product line!

I grew up in Guelph, Ontario, a beautiful town west of Toronto. Growing up, I never really knew what I wanted to be, I just knew I was going to Universty. I was a straight A student and thought medical school would be my calling. But after a car accident when I was 8 years old rocked my world and left me in all sorts of pain, that dream just didn't have the same calling. Still, I pursued a science degree at the University of Guelph and filled my life with figure skating, singing at church and teaching Sunday school to the littlest ones in our parish. While in school, I struggled with various health concerns, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, and symptoms from the Ehlers Danlos Syndrom. Anxiety and depression were a day to day battle. I started painting in high school and fell in love with water colours and oil paintings. That love translated to the face after completing a certification course during my second year of University.

Despite a lot of support at the University, I really struggled and did not know what would be next for me. When I discovered Makeup Artistry, I loved the creative expression and transformations I could achieve. I found I was able to take on clients at my own pace and earn a small income to help me at school. When I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree, I couldn't figure out how to hold a 9-5 - because of my health - and decided to pursue makeup as a career.

For years I built a brand around luxury, joy and dignity. I worked in the bridal industry and offered personal makeup consultations to clients. I truly loved my beauty business but struggled with the work load required to make a living. When I found Motives Cosmetics in 2009, I was exhausted and close to broke. I had just recovered from some serious health concerns, which had me hospitalized in 2007. I was scared, confused and didn't know what to do. Full-time work wouldn't work for me, as my health was too fragile, but my business was draining me without enough return. I started taking personal development and business courses, working on my spiritual side, hoping to find the answer. I completed the Quantum Leap program from Peak Potentials, I did the Landmark Forum and the Sterling Womens Weekend.

It was at one of the events with Peak Potentials where I met an Unfranchise Owner in Toronto and immediately became interested in the health line, Isotonix. I didn't even want to hear about Motives, as I was too scared about my health to think about my career. I registered as a business owner to share the health products with family and friends. It took me about a year of taking care of myself, taking a few products like the OPC-3 and Vitamin B, before I rediscovered my passion for my former makeup business. I started trying out a couple of the Motives products and working with some photographers in the area. The feedback I got back from photographers and clients was amazing! I kept getting more photography requests and was told by two of them that there was 70% less photoshop editing required when I used Motives on the client. I was hooked.

I now have a full business, using and retailing Motives Cosmetics. I have met the most amazing people and feel blessed with the life I have now. The Motives brand perfectly compliments my artistry. The quality is wonderful and stands up to weddings, the runway, commercials and the everyday woman. I am still active in my church but I gave up figure skating, and prefer to walk my little chihuahua for exercise.

Though I still live in Guelph (best city anywhere to live!), I love to travel and explore the world. I am so blessed to build a foundation that allows me to have whatever it is that I want. I am not scared anymore because I know what my future holds, as I hold the power in my hands. I dream of having a family and continuing to travel. I am so thankful to the people that first introduced me to Motives Cosmetics and to the many people I work with now, helping each other build the beauty business of our dreams. We really do have the power to create what we want, so keep dreaming, keep doing and do not ever give up.

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