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Get that Youthful Glow!

Who doesn't love a youthful glow? I am so happy to see the super powdery, matte look losing steam and the youthful, natural glow coming back on trend. A very matte look can be aging, whether you're 17 or 71. This month's collaboration post will give you some examples of how you can look brighter & more youthful any time of year.. and just in time for Mother's Day!


Makeup by Leigh Raeder

This is Helene (Lee) Conrad. She really doesn't wear makeup, because no one had ever showed her how, and she was looking for some ideas. She is 73 years old.

I started by prepping her face with Skintelligence PH Normalizer, followed by Lumiere De Vie Needle Free Serum. It gives you the look of an instant lift without the needles and the expense. This gentle, lightweight, concentrated serum gives a tightening effect, while hydrating and soothing sensitive complexions. But there’s more! Needle-Free Serum also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing softer, firmer-looking, supple skin. So, its a must for mature skin.

I then moisturized her skin with Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Day Creme SPF 20 which is perfect for her dry skin.

I applied Motives Complexion Perfection Face Primer to her entire face to smooth out her skin, and Motives Invisiline to her eye are to brighten and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

I applied Motives Motives® Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 in Linen using Motives Foundation Brush

I prepped her eyes with Motives Eye Base and used the Motives Demure Palette for her eyes. I started by applying the color Pure to her mobile lid and above the crease. I darkened her crease with the color Aura, and applied Gleam to the inner corner.

I darkened in her eye brows with Motives Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil-Taupe.

I used Motives Khol Eyeliner-Coffee to line the top and bottom outer corners of her eyes, followed by applying Motives for LaLa Mineral Mascara-Black to her lashes.

I applied Motives Pressed Blush-Flushed to her cheeks and Motves Pressed Bronzer-Miami Glow on the top of her cheek bones.

I applied Motives All Day Liquid Stick-Sultry to her entire lip and added the color Love bites to the middle.

I set her makeup with Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray. She's gorgeous inside & out!

Makeup by Jacqueline Menconi

This is Sharla! How freakin gorgeous is she? Love her. I had such a great time with her makeover.

I started out with swiping Skintelligence pH Normalizing spray all over her face with a cotton round. After that, I used two serums from Lumiere de Vie. The first serum was Needle Free, which is like a face lift in a bottle. Serum Concentrate was what I applied next. This serum is my personal all time favorite because it feels amazing and works incredibly well (and fast). It's perfect for everything having to do with anti-aging and holds moisture in the skin like nothing I've tried in the past. Next on the list was Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Day cream and then Vitashield Intensive Eye Treatment.

Once skin is prepped, I like to work on eyes first. I applied Motives Eye Base very lightly all over Sharla's lids, from her lash line to her brow. Next, I used the highlighter shade from the 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze, and Highlight palette all over where I put the eye base. I find that it's helpful to set a cream product, such as the eye base, with a powder for even longer wear.

After the eye base was set, I broke out the I Do Palette again! The lightest shimmer color I placed in her inner corners to brighten and open her eyes more. The cream matte shade I applied over her lid only, and then put the plum shimmer on the mobile lid. The medium matte brown shadow was perfect to apply to her crease, concentrating on pushing back any over-hanging lid skin. This gives the illusion of firmer lid skin and a more open, brighter eye. I have a single shadow called Vino that I also added to the outer crease and outer V area for more depth of color. Then, I lined her eyes on top with Little Black Dress gel liner and then the bottom with the dark brown khol pencil that came in the I Do Palette. For a more diffused look, I took the matte black shadow from the palette and smudged it over the top liner, then extended it out very slightly towards the outer V. To blend, I took a clean pony tail brush and went to town. I added a bit more of the medium brown shade in the crease and then curled her lashes in preparation for the LaLa Voluminous Mineral Mascara in Black. For Sharla's brows, I used the medium brown eye shadow in the I Do Palette with an angled brow brush. It was perfect for her coloring!

On to the face... I applied Motives Invisiline to Sharla's t-zone. This product acts as a line & pore filler, which in turn makes for a much smoother makeup application. Next, I mixed a custom blend foundation for her and applied wherever I felt she needed some coverage. I then applied Motives Longwear Liquid Correcting concealer under her eyes and around her nostrils. For blush, I chose Flushed because of its radiant properties. I then used the bronzer from the 3-in-1 palette to warm up the outer edges of her face.

When it came to Sharla's lips, I wanted to keep her in a natural tone, yet still polished. For this reason I applied Motives Lip Pencil in Dusty Rose and then Motives Lipstick in Half & Half. For some sheen on top, I added a tiny bit of Motives 40FY lip treatment. Once I sprayed her with 10 Years Younger Setting Spray, she was complete. What a joy to work on!

Makeup by Rachel Jones

This month, I asked my beautiful mother to be my model. As we both lead such busy lives, I never really get to do her makeup.

To prep her skin, I started with the pH Skin Normalizer, the Needle Free Serum and the Vitashield Moisturizer. Under the eyes I used the Cellular Laboratory De-Aging Eye Cream. I used the Perfecting Face Primer to help minimize pores and the Invisiline treatment to soften under the eyes.

To help create a youthful glow and even out the redness in my mom's skin, I used the Supreme Cream foundation in Medium with Pink Undertone. I used the Crème Concealer Dark under the eyes and the eye base on the lids to smooth out my canvas.

I used the Demure Palette to make my moms blue eyes pop. Bare shadow was swept along the crease, a soft matte with pink undertones, perfect for blue eyes. My mom loves gold, so the inner half of her mobile lid is lit with Sunkissed and the outer half is lit with Exposed. Pure is swept along the brow bone.

The brows are defined with the light taupe colour from the Essential Eye Brow Kit. I used Sunkissed Shimmer stick to add a healthy glow to the cheeks.

For the lips, I lined with Neutral Lip Liner and filled in the Hopeless Liquid Stick. I topped the lips with Lollipop from the Lip Candy line.

I set the skin with Luminous Loose Powder and the 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray. I love how my moms blue eyes sparkle and her skin is totally flawless but still her skin!

Makeup by Rachel Lorraine

A few weeks ago when launching our Motives “Beauty in All Ages” campaign I invited 3 of the most important women in my life over and gave them makeovers! One of those women is my Aunt Lori, my mother’s sister.

My Aunt was a very important part of my teenage years, and she helped me to get through some of the most difficult moments of my life. She now, is bravely fighting Stage 4 Lung Cancer, so it was truly MY pleasure to be able to pamper her, just even for a few hours. Aunt Lori is wearing:

PREP: 1. Skintelligence pH Normalizer – sprayed generously all over face 2. Lumiere De Vie Needle Free Serum – Applied with a flat foundation brush, concentrated application between brows, around eyes and mouth 3. Lumiere de Vie Intense Rejuvenation Crème – Applied with a clean flat foundation brush 4. Invisiline – Applied with a smaller/flat concealer brush, applied between brows, around eyes and mouth

EYES: 1. Motives Eye Base – applied with flat eye brush all over lid (from brow to lash line) 2. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Timeless applied all over the lid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, to set the base 3. Motives Pressed Eyeshadows in: Cappuccino, Chocolight blended on the outer corner 4. Brow Kit – used the lightest color 5. Lustrafy Mascara in Black

FACE: 6. Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Almond, blended with Cameo Beige, applied with a foundation brush and then I wet our blending sponge with 10 Years Younger Spray and blend it out 7. Motives Color Perfection Quad in light, used the darkest color (bottom left) to cover up dark under eye circles, blending out with the damp blending sponge, then go in with the 2 colors on the right to highlight under the eye, down the center of the nose and center of chin, again blending out with the damp blending sponge 8. Motives Translucent Loose Powder in Light , with a different (clean & dry) blending sponge set the under eye, nose and chin area with the powder. I apply this very lightly 9. Motives 3-n-1 Contour Bronze & Highlight Kit, with an angled contour brush I add some color to the cheeks 10. Blush in Baby doll, applied with a dome brush on the apples of the cheeks 11. Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, sprayed generously all over face

LIPS 12. All Day Liquid Stick in Sultry

Makeup by Monina Wright

Now, before I give you Monina's list of products used on her absolutely stunning model, you must know how dedicated she is to this collaboration. Monina recently lost her father and even through her grieving, she still submitted her part for this blog post. That is love & dedication right there!

1. Prepped skin with Skintelligence pH spray. Applied Lumiere serum concentrate all over face. Mixed both Lumiere Needle free serum with Lumiere eye cream and massaged all over orbital eye area. Then applied Lumiere Reguvenating cream all over face & neck 2. Applied Invisiline on crows feet and around mouth area. 3. Mixed custom blend and applied with foundation brush 4. Put eye base all over eyelids 5. With a flat brush packed on Cream shadow from "InThe Nude" palette all over bottom lids 6. With crease brush lightly applied Fawn (In The Nude palette) shadow in the crease area 7. With a tighter round brush I applied Espresso (ITN palette) just in the out corners to open up the eyes 8. Dipped the angle brush into the mavens sculpt series "blaze " to create a more defined eyebrow shape, then softned the brow color by applying latte eyeshadow over the blaze. 9. Brightened up her cheeks with Intuitive mineral blush 10. Sprayed 10 years younger on an angle brush then dipped brush into Force eyeshadow (ITN palette) to create a defined but soft eyeliner on top and lower lases. 11. Finished off look with Neutral lip liner and Sultry liquid lip color.

Makeup by Kinley Kay

This lovely lady is Alicia. Here is the list of products I used on her:

Products used 1. Prep with Motives Makeup Remover Wipes 2. Cellular laboratories eye cream 3. Cellular Laboratories hand&body cream 4. Invisiline primer 5. Demure palette in crease of the eyes 6. Allure Paint Pot on lid 7. Vanilla cream Liquid to Mineral Foundation set with Translucent Powder in light 8. 3-in-1 contour kit 9. Blush in Lust 10. Allure Paint Pot for cheek bone hi light 11. Brow kit 12. Motives for LALA mascara 13. 10 years younger setting spray in between each face layer for a natural healthy glow

Makeup by Jennifer Fernandez

You guys! Jennifer sent me her blog post submission from her vacation in Amsterdam! She also included some scenic shots to make us jealous! LOL... Here she is.

Makeup should enhance the skin making it appear more youthful. How do you achieve a youthful glow with your makeup routine? Well this month I thought I would use myself as a model to showcase that youthful glow. Btw, I am visiting my boyfriend's hometown in Amsterdam, Netherlands and walking through the streets of this beautiful city is pretty amazing!

So here goes with this months blog post about achieving a youthful glow!

First step, you can't forget a good skincare routine. Half the work is already done when your skin has that natural clean glow.


Wash, tone and cleanse first morning and night.

Lumiere de vie serum.

The serum preps and plumps the skin for makeup. Thus, giving us that youthful glow. Plus, it helps moisturize and is a great primer for makeup.

Custom blend foundation. By me! (Of course) I added hydration and put the exact amount of coverage! I also added "fringe benefit" a primer that helps plump the skin.

Some people think a youthful glow has to be natural, well I actually used some bold colors. So I used the Motives Dynasty Palette (which has extreme color payoff btw) and used the really cool blue shade to create a smokey eye.

Next I used Motives for Lala lengthening and volumizing mascara in blackout.

Blush is porcelain doll

Moisture rich lipstick in Times Square.

Always finish off with 10 years younger makeup setting spray. That will give you that JLo Glow every time.

Thanks for letting me share with you my youthful glow routine!


Do you have questions for us? Please comment below! We'd love to hear from you.

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