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How to Achieve the PERFECT Golden Summer Glow

Happy July! I can't believe the year has already surpassed the half way point. It's summer time and it's the perfect opportunity for us Makeup Artists to teach you about getting that perfect golden glow, even if you're unable to catch some rays this summer! We hope you'll enjoy! As always, please comment and share with your friends. <3


Makeup Artist Jacqueline Menconi

This was a fun challenge for me as I typically stay away from golds because I think they wash me out. I'm happy to say that I found a winning product combo! I'm in love with the look I created and will definitely wear it all summer long!

Skin Prep:

I prepared my skin using Lumiere de Vie Serum Concentrate (my all time favorite serum), Skintelligence Alpha 24 face moisturizer (my summer time go-to), and Vitashield Intensive Eye Cream.

I tend to apply my eye makeup before my face makeup for two reasons. The first reason being that I want to allow my skincare to have time to do its job without interruption. The second reason is because the last thing I want to do is to have eye shadow fall out on my already perfectly foundationed & concealed face, making me re-do it anyway. Ain't nobody got time for that!


First, I applied a very small amount of Motives Eye Base with the pad of my finger all over the lid and up into the brow bone. Tip: If you can see the product on your lid, you've put too much on. A little goes a very long way! Next, I took Motives Vanilla single eye shadows and pressed that where ever I put the eye base. This will ensure an extremely smooth application for the rest of the shadows.

Next, I applied Motives Vintage Glam single eye shadow all over the lid. Vintage Glam is MY FAVORITE golden color. It's just gorgeous. It's the perfect neutral golden shade, with a touch of rose. Obsessed. Totally obsessed. Not to mention, it's creamy as hell and the pigment can't be beat! Next up was a tiny dab of Motives Whipped Cream single eye shadow in the inner tear duct areas of my eyes to open them up even more. After that, I used Motives Cappuccino single eye shadow in a windshield wiper motion in the crease, blending it out as I went along. Cappuccino is a warm, medium brown shade and I use it a lot because it's so versatile. I then put Motives Hazelnut single eye shadow in the outer V area of my eye to give it a bit more dimension. I also swiped a little bit of the Hazelnut under my eye. The only thing left to do was my liner and for that I used the Motives Liquid Liner in black as close to the roots of my lashes as I could get (on the top only). I used Motives Onyx single eye shadow (which is a very dark black) to create the rest of my liner on both the top and bottom. I love using this shadow as liner because it tends to give a more diffused look.


Custom blend, y'all! Custom blend. I whipped up a new bottle of my custom liquid foundation and this time threw in some organic jojoba oil. Let me just say... WOW. I'm hooked! The jojoba was just what the doctor ordered! My skin has been kind of freaking out lately because of the back and forth with the weather and since I added it into my blend, it's been smooth sailing. Since my foundation has primer mixed in, I skipped that step. I used a damp Motives Blender (similar to a Beauty Blender only firmer for better control) to apply and stipple my foundation. I only set my T zone to make sure the rest of my face stayed glowy. To set, I used the Motives Translucent Loose Setting Powder. For blush, I chose the neutral radiant peachy shade of Motives Peach Beige, which has quickly become my go-to since its release a few months ago. I dusted Motives Miami Glow Bronzer around the outskirts of my face to finish it off.

For my brows, I chose the Motives Brow Kit to lightly fill them in. Since I was finished applying my powder products at that time, I curled my lashes and put on a layer of Motives for La La Mineral Mascara in black.


I lined my lips with Motives Neutral lip pencil and then applied Motives Brooklyn lip color. It was my first time wearing Brooklyn, which is a GORGEOUS shear shimmer shade.

Absolutely last was a generous few sprays of Motives 10 Years Younger to set! I hope you like the look!

Makeup Artist Kinley Kay

This is my favorite theme of LIFE! I live for glow and healthy, dewy skin. Allure paint pot by MOTIVES is an absolutely fav of mine. You can bet that's what I mostly used ;) As always, I prep and degrease with MOTIVES wipes, balance with the normalizer from SKINTELLIGENCE and hydrate with hand&body by CELLULAR LABORATORIES. Keepin my skin fresh! I always start with my eyes and prime with motives eye base. Loving the I Do palette lately and filled in my crease with the medium matte brown as well as lined my lower lash line with it. The buttery, shimmer pink shade of the I Do palette accented my lid and I layered the allure paint pot over it as well. For my facial coverage, I used the motives concealer quad in LIGHT all over. And contoured with motives contour palette in FIRE. Blushed my cheeks with LUSH (all time fav!) What else but highlight my high cheek bone and brow bone with ALLURE paint pot (yes, again! It's amazing). Used HOPELESS matte liquid lip stick with ALLURE paint pot pressed in the center of my lips for that pop of glow. Finished with LALA mascara and 12 sprays of 10 years younger! Can't get enough of that spray!! VOILA! Got that beach California glow.

Makeup Artist Leigh Raeder

I decided to do a live video on my Facebook Page

I chose myself as a model for this one, because I needed a little glow.

I started with applying Motives Invisiline under my eye area followed with Motives Liquid Mineral Powder-Vanilla Cream

I applied Eye Base to my entire eye lid

I used the Motives Demure Palette for eyeshadow, starting with applying “Bare” on the lid

I sprayed my Motives Eye Shadow brush with 10 Years Younger Setting Spray and dipped in into Motives For Lala Shimmers-Copper and patted it onto my mobile lid

I created more crease on my hooded eyelids with “Aura”

I used Motives Kohl Eyeliner-Coffee to line the bottom outer corner and used it to tight line the top and smudged out the bottom using an angled brush dipped in “Lights Out”

I finished my lashes by curling them and applying Motives For Lala Mineral mascara-Black

I used a Custom Motives Mineral Bronzer. Here’s the recipe:

1 tsp. Translucent Modifier

¼ tsp. Medium Base

1 tsp. Sunlight Gold

½ tsp. Dark Base

¼ tsp. Sunstone

I used Motives Lip Candy-Candy Bar for my lips & I finished my look with Motives No More Shine Setting Spray

Makeup Artist Rachel Jones

I always go for neutral looks with pink cheeks, so for this months look, I was thrilled to try some warm, bronze tones. For the face, I started with my Perfecting Face Primer, to fill my pores and create a flawless base. I then used my Custom Blend liquid foundation, made in my correct skin tone. I then used the Motives Shimmer Stick in Island Glow - what a delicious colour! I created a giant 3, along my cheek, above my brow and along my jawline. This gave me a warm, sun kissed look. I then used the Shimmer Stick in Sunkissed on the apples of my cheeks. I set everything with the Loose Translucent Setting Powder, buffing the powder into my skin with the Motives Kabuki brush.

For my eyes, I started with the Brown Sugar to create a waterproof base. I then played with the Eye Illusion Mystical on the inner third of my eye lid and Rapture on the outer two thirds. I put Hourglass on the inner tear duct. I used the Sweeping Contour Brush from the 15 piece Pro Collection to create a soft transition with Mocha and Summer Fling. I then highlighted my brow bone with Hourglass. I lined my upper and lower lashes with Little Black Dress and smudged the bottom out with Rapture. It sure made my eye colour pop!

I used Kiss Me on my lips for a delicious pout!

Makeup Artist Jennifer Fernandez

Achieving the bronzed look for summer is so fun and easy! I had a great time creating this look for this months model, friend and client and now fellow beauty advisor Marisa Carillo.


Motives custom blended foundation. We have been blending her base for a few years now and she loves getting a winter blend and a summer blend. We used the motives Shimmer Stick in "Moonlighting" because every bronze beauty has to be glowing! then added some contouring to further chisel out the cheek bones with the Motives "3 in 1 sculpting and highlighting kit". Once we had enough Contouring on the cheeks, I bronzed her further with Motives bronzer in "Miami Glow"


Motives "Eye Base" all over the movable eye lid. Motives pressed powder in "Athena" from the "Dynasty Palette" and from the "Demure Palette" we used "Lush". Such a great combination! We created a thin to medium liner with yes you guessed it! Motives "Little Black Dress" gel eyeliner and finished off with a couple coats of Motives for Lala Mineral & Lengthening Mascara in "black".


Motives Lip candy in "Butterscotch" with A tad of The eyeshadow we used on her eye lid in "Athena" on the pout for extra dimension and shimmer.

Makeup Artist Monina Wright

1. Prepped skin with pH toner and LDV cream 2. Applied Face Perfecting Primer to reduce appearance of my pores 3. Put eye base all over lids then applied Creme Fresh shadow on lower lids to open up my eyes 4. With my foundation brush I applied 2 layers of my Liquid Custom blend all over my face 5. To make my face look brighter I applied the lightest color from the Maven's Fire palette in a triangle under my eyes 6. I set my whole face with my Custom Blend powder 7. I blended the Antique gold eyeshadow with Miami Glow to highlight my cheeks 8. I added the La La mineral blush in Vanity to give my cheeks a nice peachy glow 9. To finish this fun summer look I mixed the new Matte Lippies in Sorry not Sorry with Cocktail. HAPPY SUMMER!!!!

Makeup Artist Rachel Lorraine

It’s summer time ya’ll! Which means it’s hot, and we want to have that perfect bronzed summer glow! I have really been trying to focus on less is more with my busy schedule. Let me tell you these lash extensions are serious a huge time saver for me. No mascara needed… but that’s not what you came here for. Let’s talk about what’s on my face, for my go to summer glam! I will admit, most of my time lately has been spent on skincare, and not so much makeup. So here we go:

PREP: 1. Skintelligence pH Normalizer – sprayed generously all over face 2. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Body Balm – applied with fingertips, applied generously all over face and neck 3. Lumiere De Vie Needle Free Serum – Applied with finger tips, concentrated application on forehead (I got creases ya’ll!) between brows, around eyes and mouth 4. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Eye Creme– Applied with finger tips around eyes

EYES: 1. Motives Eye Base – applied with flat eye brush all over lid (from brow to lash line) 2. Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Timeless applied all over the lid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, to set the base 3. Motives Pressed Eyeshadow in: Cappuccino blended on the outer corner and into crease 4. Brow Kit – used the darkest color 5. Lustrafy Mascara in Black for bottom lashes (cause them lash extension are 6. Motives® Waterproof Eye Pencil – Applied to lower water line 7. Motives Pressed Eyeshadow in: Caviar applied and smoked out on bottom lash line, with a smudger brush

FACE: 8. Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Vanilla Cream (I got some color finally and was able to level up, oh hey summer!) applied with a foundation brush and then I wet our blending sponge with 10 Years Younger Spray and blend it out 9. Motives Color Perfection Quad in light, used the darkest color (bottom left) to cover up dark under eye circles, blending out with the damp blending sponge, then go in with the 2 colors on the right to highlight under the eye, down the center of the nose and center of chin, again blending out with the damp blending sponge 10. Motives Translucent Loose Powder in Light , with a different (clean & dry) blending sponge set the under eye, nose and chin area with the powder. I apply this very lightly 11. Motives® for La La Mineral Bronzing Shimmer Powder – applied with a loose fluffy brush, applied generously over cheeks and hairline (for that perfect summer glow) 12. Motives® for La La Mineral Blush in Socialite - with a dome brush on the apples of the cheeks

13. Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, sprayed generously all over face

LIPS 1. Motives® 40FY® Lip Treatment 2. Motives® Maven Mattes in Daddy’s Girl

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