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July Artist Spotlight - Kinley Kay

This month's spotlight is featuring my girl (and our resident cat lover), Kinley Kay! I can't wait for you to meet her!


My passion for makeup artistry started at a very young age. I can remember applying curlers and nail polish on my puppy during my younger years. Throughout my life I was always giving advice to friends and family on their beauty needs. It was this that inspired me to make a passion into a career.

Passion, practice and persistence are the grounds on which my career began. In 2013, I received my aesthetic license in skin and makeup artistry. There my dreams began to flourish as I learned to take my passion to the next level. My family began to reach out to me weekly to be my next model for my education. My persistence prevailed as I accepted a position with MAC cosmetics. Throughout my experiences, I found my heart lay in freelancing and on site artistry. MOTIVES Cosmetics found me in October of 2014 and I found a new artistic family. I cannot believe the amount of time and financial freedom MOTIVES gave to me. Since, I continue to educate and excel in my artistry daily.

I currently work in a beautiful salon called Anagen 11. I've never seen so many like minded people work together towards the same vision. It is the most inspiring atmosphere. My coworkers are so close to me, it honestly feels like a tight knit family. I am forever grateful for my position as skin expert and makeup professional there.

My work thrives on my desire to make women feel beautiful. I still get butterflies as my clients see themselves in the mirror. It is the most fulfilling and rewarding feeling for me. I believe that when you look your best, you feel your best.

I feel so lucky to have a beautiful family and boyfriend who supports me so much. I am so close with my sister and dad, I'm not sure I'd be as confident as I am without them. My beautiful sister always models for my work and she makes my job so easy! She also dreams my dreams and wants the best for me, I couldn't ask for more.

My dad always believed in me no matter where my dreams were headed. He knew I had a strong heart and an independent mind and watched as I carved a new path for success!

My adorable boyfriend, Adam is a quiet supporter and watches as I always take life at its reigns. Every day I come home to my little family of him and my kitty, Toulouse, and they tell me how happy they are for me that I'm following my dreams and making it happen! I truly am the luckiest girl in the world. To be so loved and supported!

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