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In Your Element

Happy August, Flawless Beauties! This month's collaboration was one of my favorites because we all created different looks by using my FAVORITE eye shadow palette of all time, the Element Palette. I hope you enjoy and play around with these looks at home!


Makeup Artist - Jacqueline Menconi

The Motives Mavens Element Palette is my FAAAAAAVORITE! The shadows are huge (the size of blushes), extremely pigmented, creamy like butter, and very blendable. Even without primer, the shadows stay on all day without a problem. The colors can all be used by pretty much anyone, which is great because I tend to give this bad boy as a gift very often. :-)

I actually did a live streaming video tutorial for this look that you can check out in my VIP group on Facebook! Just search for "Flawless Faces - A Flawless By JM Group" and request to join. I'll forewarn you, I'm not the best on-air personality, but I have fun and love interacting with the group in real time. Love!

Skin Prep

First I cleansed with Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion, followed by a generous spritz of Skintelligence pH Normalizer. Next, I applied my favorite serum, Lumiere de Vie Serum Concentrate, all over my face, massaging it gently (even around my eye area). I waited a few minutes for it to absorb before applying my Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Day Cream and then Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Eye Cream.


I'd say I do my eyes first about 96% of the time. For this look, I started off as I normally do with a very sheer application of Motives Eye Base eye shadow primer all over my lid and up to the brow. A little bit goes a long way. You shouldn't even be able to see it once it's been blended. If you do see it, you've put too much on! Next, I took the color Serene (all shadows used for this look are from the Motives Mavens Element Color Box palette) and pressed it on my lid. I blended out the edges by using Native lightly in the crease. This not only blended out the color, but also gave my eye more dimension. After the crease color, I put Truffle on the outer third of the eye lid. This gradient of color gives my eyes a more open appearance. On the very outer edge, I packed on Raven for even more drama and depth. Next, I put the leftover Serene that was on my brush, under my eye. Last but not least for the shadows, I used a dab of Shell in my inner tear duct. After blending everyone out, I used Motives Khol pencil in Black on my top lash line, concentrating on making it thinner on the inside and thicker towards the outside. I patted Raven on top of the khol liner to diffuse and set it. I love that look! I filled in my brows with the Motives Eye Brow Kit. I love being able to customize my brow shade with this palette! Lastly, the mascara I used was Motives for La La Volumizing & Lengthening in Black.


I didn't use a primer because my Custom Blend foundation already has it in the formulation. With a Motives Dual Blending Sponge, I applied my foundation all over my face, concentrating on the parts that need it most. I skipped concealer this time around because I do what I want! :-P I set my foundation with the Motives Loose Translucent Powder in Light and then moved on to contouring. For this step, I used the Motives Contour, Bronze, and Highlight trio palette. For blush, I used my recent favorite, Motives Peach Beige. It's so pretty! Fun tip, you can also use it on your eyes. To set everything, I sprayed Motives 10 Years Younger setting spray generously all over.


Have you tried Truffle lip liner yet? IN LOVE!! It's such a perfect natural shade. I applied Truffle all over my lips and then applied the new Motives Mavens Mattes liquid lip stick in the shade Daddy's Girl.

I hope you like my look!

Makeup Artist - Leigh Raeder

For this month's look, I called upon my beautiful sister in law. I started a private Facebook group and every week, I've been doing a live video pertaining to beauty. I thought this would be a perfect tutorial for the week.

I wanted to a "Smokey Eye" on Jenny.

I started by applying Motives Eye Base on her entire lid with a concealer brush.

All of the eye shadows moving forward are found in the Motives Mavens Element Palette. I started by applying "Birch" to her Brow bone

I then used a fluffy shadow brush to apply "Native" just above her crease as a transition color.

Using a crease brush, I applied "Truffle" into the crease using a wind shield wiper motion.

Using a large shadow brush, I tapped "Serene" onto her mobile lid.

I dipped my crease brush on "Raven" and smoked out the outer corner

I applied Motives Gel Eyeliner in the color "Little Black Dress" with an angled brush to her upper lid along the lash line.

I curled her lashes, and applied artificial lashes- Motives #112

Using the shadow brush, I dusted "Bordeaux" along her lower lash line and used a little "Raven" on the outer bottom corner.

I applied a little "Shell" to the inner corner to add some highlight

I choose Motives for Lala Mineral Mascara-Black to blend her lashes with the artifiacial

I applied Motives Photo Finish Powder-Neutral Medium on her entire face with a flat top powder brush.

I used the Motives 3 in 1 Contour, Bronze & Highlight Kit to do just that. I used the contour color under her cheek bones, highlighter down her nose and top of the lips, and bronzer on her cheek bones. I also mixed in some Motives Pressed Blush in the color Flushed on her cheeks.

I mixed "Reveal Me" & Daddy's Girl" Motives Mavens Liquid Mattes for her lips and finished with Motives No More Shine to set her makeup.

If you want to see the tutorial, search "Beauty By Leigh VIPs" on Facebook :)

Makeup Artist - Rachel Jones

This month's mission was to do a makeup face with the Motives Maven Element Color Box, with it's beautiful shades of luscious eyeshadows.

I started with a clean face, moisturized with the Vitashield A & E Intense Hydrator and primed with the Motives Perfection Complection Face primer. Remember, a little goes a long way with that face primer! For my foundation with this look, I used the Motives Perfection Quad in Light, applying the medium shades with the Motives Foundation brush to the five planes of my face. This product is so pigmented it doubles as a concealer! I took the half shade lighter with a concealer brush soaked in the Motives 10 Year's Younger Setting Spray. This keeps my concealer in place, with out creasing for up to 16 hours! Perfect for slightly mature skin.

For the eyes, I started with the Motives Eye Base. To make sure I didn't over-use the product, I took a clean, dome-shaped eye shadow brush and buffed the base into my eye so that I am confident that the shadows I apply stay all day. For the colour, I started with Shell and walked it along the inner third of my eye. I then took Serene and walked it over the ball of my eye, gently patting it into place. Truffle is place on the outer third of the mobile lid, in a small triangle shape. Native is applied with a loose dome shaped crease brush, to blend in the crease area. I go back over the same area with a clean, loose shadow brush to make sure everything is blended. I then took a small detail brush to apply Aubergine in the very outer corner, coming along the lash line and out into the crease, blending truffle into Native. Lastly, Birch is applied to the brow bone, providing a soft, smooth highlight. Motives Waterprook Automatic Pencil in Black Magic was used to line the upper lash line and the outer third of the lower lash line to help define the eye. Serene was then applied with a small angled liner brush along the lash line, to soften the look. Shell was then applied along the inner third of the lower lash line. Lala Mascara in Black was then used to darken and lengthen the lashes.

The 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze and Highlight kit was used to create depth to the face. The contour was applied to enhance my cheek bones. The bronzer was applied along the cheeks, for a nice healthy glow. The face was then set the Neutral Light Dual Coverage Foundation. Dreamsicle blush was applied to the apples of the cheek for a bit of bright pop.

The lips were hydrated were 40FY Lip Treatment and then the Mocktail Matte Liquid Lipstick was applied. What a pop of colour!!!! It's my new go to colour, totally delicious and it lasts all day!

Spay the 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray and you are ready to conquer the world!

Makeup Artist - Kinley Kay

PREP: I cleansed my face with cellular laboratories creamy cleanser, toned with the refreshing SKINTELLIGENCE, used the eye cream from cellular laboratories and hydrated with hand and body cream by cellular laboratories. (If you're fighting age, cellular laboratories will be your best friend, seriously!!) EYES: Primed with motives eye base with my finger. With a fluffy blending brush I mixed Raven and Aubergine from the MAVENS palette and just brushed it all over making a defined crease. I used Birch and Native from MAVENS to create more depth and created a V-shape in my outer corner, forming a blended out cat eye. I'm all about blending. I just take my fluffy blend brush and go in circular motions between each shade. I use Birch as my eye liner and smoke and blend it out to create a soft, romantic look. I don't like anything looking harsh! So I always choose eye shadow as my eyeliner and buff it out. I lined my lower lash line with Serene from MAVENS palette. Motives by LALA is my go to macara! 3 coats always does the trick ;) FACE: I used motives color perfection quad in light as my foundation and creating natural dimension with the various shades in the quad. For my contour, I used the perfection said in the shades medium to create a dramatic dimension. Babydoll blush was my go to today. And I finished with light translucent powder to set my creams! :) BROWS: 3-in-1 contour brow kit by motives is my life savior. I always start with the light shade first and line the bottom and outer corner with the dark shade. Then of course I finish with the wax to keep it all in place! LIPS: MOTIVES LIQUID LIPSTICK in Rust N Roll. My faaaaaaavorite!!!! This color tho....and it stays allllllll day without getting dry. I. Am. In. Heaven.! As always I finish my look with 10 years younger and no more shine to stay flawless all day and night long!

Makeup Artist - Monina Wright

For my look this month, I had the pleasure of doing a personal makeup session with my beautiful cousin.

I created a smokey eye look for her fun night out with the Girls

I started by prepping her face

1. Sprayed entire face with Skintelligence pH toner to normalize her skin

2. Applied Lumiere Rejuvenating Creme to smooth out any fine lines and to plump up any dehydration on her skin

3. Using a synthetic brush I applied the Perfecting Face Primer on her t-zone to mattefy any shine

4. Even skin tone out with the Supreme Cream Medium/Yellow undertone

On the eyes

1. Applied Eye Base all over lids to even out discoloration and give the shadows something to hold on to

2. Placed Brown Sugar eye cream on lower lids to create depth before adding shadows

3. Using a flat brush I pat on the Truffle color from the Elements palette

4. Using a round brush, I brushed on the softer brown "Native" from the Elements palette as my transition color

5. After the transition color I blended the matte "Birch" shadow up to the brows

6. Added the shimmery "Shell" shadow as a highlight under the brow arch

On the Lips (New Matte Lippies)

1. Moisturised lips with a touch of the Lumiere Eye Creme

2. Lined Lips with Neutral lip crayon

3. Mixed Revel Me with Rust n Roll matte lip colors and applied with a flat lip brush for a perfect pout

All this was accomplished in 20 minutes. Fun, easy night out look. Enjoy!!!

Makeup Artist - Rachel Lorraine

Oh it’s getting hot in here… This month I chose to glam it up because, I have been in full summer meltdown with the bare minimum on my face with all of this humidity! So it was time… it’s time to get sassy. If you missed it I went live on Facebook at and demonstrated my foundation & “baking” routine, come on over and check it out. PREP:

1. Skintelligence pH Normalizer – sprayed generously all over face 2. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Body Balm – applied with fingertips, applied generously all over face and neck 3. Lumiere De Vie Needle Free Serum – Applied with finger tips, concentrated application on forehead (I got creases ya’ll!) between brows, around eyes and mouth 4. Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Eye Creme– Applied with finger tips around eyes EYES: 1. Motives® Eye Base – applied with flat eye brush all over lid (from brow to lash line) 2. Motives® Pressed Eye Shadow in Timeless applied all over the lid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, to set the base 3. Motives® Mavens Element palette: The color Native blended all over mobile lid and up into the crease. This is going to be my transition shade. Then I loaded up a flat eye shadow brush with the color Truffle, and pat it all over the mobile lid. Then going in with a fluffy eye shadow brush, blended it slightly up into the crease. I keep doing this step until I am happy with the depth. I then took the color Raven and pat it gently really close to the eyelash line and blended it up to help warm up the look. Then with a clean brush, I apply the color Birch underneath the brow bone. I also used the colors Native and Truffle to smoke out the underneath with a smudger brush. 4. Brow Kit – used the darkest color 5. Lashes are Vegas Nay lashes by Eylure in the style Grand Glamour 6. Lustrafy Mascara in Black for bottom lashes (cause them lash extension are 7. Motives® Waterproof Eye Pencil – Applied to lower water line FACE: 8. Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in Vanilla Cream - applied with a foundation brush and then I wet with a flat foundation brush with 10 Years Younger Spray and blend it out 9. Motives Color Perfection Quad in light, used the darkest color (bottom left) to cover up dark under eye circles, blending out with the damp blending sponge, then go in with the 2 colors on the right to highlight under the eye, down the center of the nose and center of chin, again blending out with the damp blending sponge 10. Motives Translucent Loose Powder in Light , with a different (clean & dry) blending sponge set the under eye, nose and chin area with the powder. I apply this very lightly 11. Motives® 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze and Highlight Kit– applied with an angled bronzing brush, contoured my cheek bones, on my forehead around my hairline, nose and chin 12. Motives® Pressed blush in Pretty in Pink and Porcelain Doll (blended) 13. Motives® I Do Palette – Highlighted my cheekbones with the highlighter from this palette called Vows, with a flat fan brush applied to the top of my cheek bones

14. Motives 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Sp – ray, sprayed generously all over face


1. Motives® Maven Mattes – Blended the colors Daddy’s Girl & Dark Side

Makeup Artist - Jennifer Fernandez

For our August collaboration post we are using the ever versatile Element Palette and the Motives Mavens liquid Mattes.

I started out with my normal skincare regime of lumiere De Vie cleanser, toner and the Concentrate Serum.

I then applied my custom blended foundation with the foundation brush smoothing out the complexion is so easy with this brush! I dusted the apples of my cheeks in Lust to give a nice glow.

Next, I used the Motives eye base with a concealer brush on the eyes ensuring I have a thin, well blended layer. I applied the lightest color in Shell over the inner eyelid to brighten that area. Afterwards I applied the Eyeshadow in Serene on the outer corner of my lid and lightly blending it inward. I took a small crease brush and applied Native in the crease in a back and forth motion bringing it in slightly. For some extra depth, I used Raven in the corner to deepen the crease. I then applied a second coat of Shell to brighten that area. With an angled brush I applied Little Black Dress gel eyeliner lining the top of the eye. For the bottom line, I used Serene and then used Raven to darken it up.

For the lip, I used the Mavens liquid Matte in Try Me. This color is so bold and fun and stays on with no transfer.

Motives element palette makes it so easy to achieve endless looks and the Mavens Mattes comes in many shades that are mix able to create limitless non transfer lippies!

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