Fall in LOVE with fall!

Yay! It's my favorite season, you guys! Fall in New Jersey is when I come to LIFE! Between the beautiful warm colors everywhere and the perfect weather for cute layering clothes and light jackets, I am one happy little camper. With these wonderful things in mind, the collaboration group has put together various makeup looks PERFECT for fall. We hope you'll love each look and try them out on yourself! As usual, everything used is from our favorite cosmetics line, Motives! <3

Makeup Artist - Jacqueline Menconi

You guys! Did I mention I LOVE fall?! This look was so much fun because I got to really pull major inspiration from Mother Nature's brilliance all around me. I'm obsessed, I tell ya! Obsessed!

Skin Prep:

1. I cleansed with Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion then generously sprayed my face and neck with the Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer. I love this line because of it's gentle botanical based ingredients and the yummy smell (that does NOT come from any added fragrance).

2. Once the Skintelligence pH Normalizer had a moment to sink in, I added a pump of my favorite serum, Lumiere de Vie Serum Concentrate. It's perfect for a myriad of things, but two of those things are hydration and fading fine lines & wrinkles. It feels fabulous!

3. After the serum, I applied my new favorite skin cream, Lumiere de Vie Super Creme. I can't say enough great things about this product. You should definitely try it for yourself!

4. Next up was Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Eye Cream. This stuff lasts forever. I've had the same jar for a year and I've barely made a dent.


5. Prime baby prime! I LIGHTLY applied Motives Eye Base where ever I was planning to put shadow (so all over my lid and up to the brow and along the bottom lash line). Blend, blend, blend, blend! Tip: This stuff is not your average shadow primer. If you can see it on your skin you've put too much on!! This is another product I'll have forever.

6. I grabbed hold of the Motives Demure eyeshadow palette because of it's beautiful earth tonal colors, along with the Motives Element palette so its matte highlighting shade and true black color. If you only have two eye shadow palettes in your arsenal, these should be them. They're pretty damn perfect, if you ask me. Check them out and you'll see what I mean. I used Birch (the matte cream shade) from the Element palette and lightly dusted it all over my lid and under the brow as a highlight.

7. Next, I took Aura (the matte medium taupe/brown) from the Demure palette and started working it lightly into the crease with a pony tail brush. This helps to shape my eye and give dimension.

8. Once I was happy with that, I took the same brush and added a touch of Lights Out (the darkest matte brown shade) to add more depth to the crease, concentrating on the outer third portion.

9. Next, I pressed Soul (the shimmer silver/taupe) from the Demure palette onto my lid.

10. I then took Lush (the matte rust shade) and tapped it under my bottom lash line, blending in Teddy (the slightly deeper rust shade), both from the Demure palette.

11. I took Gleam (shimmery white) from the Demure palette and dabbed it into my inner tear duct areas to create a wide-eyed effect.

12. I used Ravin (matte black) from the Element palette as my liner and slightly winged out the ends.

13. Lastly, I curled my lashes and added a generous coat of Motives for La La Volumizing and Lengthening Mineral Mascara in Black.


14. I mixed one pump of new Lumiere de Vie Pore Minimizing Serum in with Motives Liquid Mineral Foundation in the shade Tender Beige. This combination is awesome! I love how it goes on and completely smoothes out my skin.

15. Next on deck was the Motives 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze, & Highlight palette. I used the contour shade lightly in the hollows of my cheeks for some very natural looking shading.

16. I dusted the bronzer from the 3-in-1 palette around the outskirts of my face to warm it up.

17. Fall time is when I break out Motives blush in the color Runway. It's a beautiful deep shade, simply perfect for this time of year! And since it's matte, I can add some fun radiant shimmer highlight to my cheek bones, which brings me to...

18. Motives Shimmer Powder in Starshine! I dusted it on the top of my cheekbones with a fan brush. Love! Love!

19. Spraying Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray meant that I was almost complete with the look!


20. In line with the fall inspiration, I wanted a rich lip color. I chose Motives Lip Pencil in Raisin to line and fill in my lips and I was set to go!

There it is! My Fall in Love with Fall look. I hope you like it & try it at home. If you do, be sure to post your picture and tag me in it @flawlessbyjm. XOXO

Makeup Artist - Leigh Raeder

Meet my beautiful & unstoppable friend, and business partner Laura. She wanted to participate in my "I Am Motives" Campaign, so I thought I would incorporate this natural "Fall Look". She doesn't normally wear a lot of makeup, and because my focus is on the every day woman, I love to show others what a little makeup can do. I do a lot of makeup lessons, and one of the things that I found, is that women are scared of makeup, because they have the misconception that you HAVE to wear a lot of makeup an it takes a lot of time. So I teach them how to achieve everyday looks in a small amount of time.

Thanks to my friend Sam from Samantha Lauren Photography for these wonderful pictures!


I started by using the new Lumiere De Vie Micellar Cleanser: An all-in-one, waterless cleanser that gently removes makeup and purifies skin with no need to rinse or scrub. I followed with Lumiere De Vie Toner, Needle Free Serum, Eye Balm and Intense Rejuvenation Creme'.


I started by applying Motives Invisiline to her under eye area. This will brighten and fill in any fine lines and wrinkles. I chose the Motives Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation in Vanilla Cream as her base. I love this 3 in 1 formula. It has a buildable coverage and leaves a nice soft finish.

I used Motives the 3 in 1 Contour, Bronze & Highlight Kit to sculpt her face. This kit contains powders which are easy to blend and also stay natural, so it's great for an every day look.

I choose the Motives Pressed Blush in Lust for her cheeks, but also added Motives Shimmer-Rose Gold to the top of her cheek bones to give a subtle glow.


I started by applying Motives Eye Base to her entire lid. I choose the Motives Demure Palette because all of the eye shadows are neutral browns. I applied "Bare" above the crease as a transition color. I added "Sunkissed" to her lower lid. I applied "Light's Out" to the outer corner in a "V" and blended it into the crease. I added "Gleam" to the inner corner to add a slight shimmer. I applied Motives Gel Eyeliner-"Little Black Dress" with the Motives Angles Brush.

I filled in her brows while keeping them natural with the Motives Eye Brow kit. I applied the Motives Lustrafy Mascara in Brown to her eyelashes after curling them with the Motives Eyelash Curler.


I wanted to keep her lips neutral, and so I grabbed one of my favorites: Motives All Day Liquid Stick "Sultry". I finished her look with Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray to make sure her makeup lasts all day.

I loved pampering Laura :) She was the 55th woman for my campaign that I met with. If you want to see the others, follow me on social media @LeighRaeder and check out my Blog www.LeighRaeder.com

Makeup Artist - Sophia Chau Hoang

Well aren't we lucky? Sophia gave us TWO looks this month! Here is what she used...

Day Look


Complexion Perfection Face Primer Mineral Dual Foundation Neutral Medium Sculpting Duo Blush in I Do Palette

10 years younger setting spray

Eyes: Eyebase Gel eyeliner little black dress Element Motives Mavens palette- Matte medium brown, shimmer cream, and burgundy shades

Motives for LaLa Mascara in Black


Neutral pencil + matte lipstick in Daddy's Girl

Evening Look


Complexion Perfection Face Primer Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Almond Mavens Sculpt Series Fire Blush in I Do Palette Highlight in I Do Palette

10 years younger setting spray

Eyes: Eyebase Gel eyeliner little black dress Element Motives Mavens palette- Matte cream, Matte medium brown, shimmer cream, burgundy shade, and matte black shades Nuvo and Luminous in My Party Weapon Palette

Eyebrows: Essential Brow Kit

Lip: Dark side + Scandalous , then Sorry Not Sorry in the middle (all Mavens Matte lip colors)

Makeup Artist - Rachel Jones

For this months look I was inspired by the warm earthy tones available in our line. To prep my face I cleansed with the Skintelligence trio. I then used the Pore Minimizing Serum, to help create a flawless base. I used the Perfecting Face Primer to keep my foundation on all day. I then used the Invisiline product to help minimize the fine lines and wrinkles around my delicate eye area. I used the motives Eye Base and buffed it into my skin with a small fluffy crease brush. I used the eyeshadow tension on my brow bone, and the inner corner of my eyes. I then patted into my mobile lid the eyeshadows Love Me and Mocha. I then took a small crease brush and added Boudoir into the crease of my eye blending profusely. Too deep in the look and create even more definition, I took the Bitter Chocolate eyeshadow and blended into the corner of my outer eye, gently sweeping inward. I used the Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black to line my lids. I then swept Mocha and Boudoir under my eyes. Motives for Lala Mascara in Black lifts and volumizes my eyes.

I then set my foundation with the Translucent loose powder in Light and added cheekbones with the dark powder in the 3-in-1 contour kit.

On my cheeks, I used Naughty for a delicate glow. My lips are coated in Optimistic from our Collagen Core line.

The whole look is held together with the No More Shine Setting Spray!

Makeup Artist - Jayme Kauth

Earth tones? But I'm a fire sign! I wiped the slate clean using skintelligence cleanser and pH normalizer and since it's getting brisk here in Wi I switched to my heavier moisturizer, Lumiere de Vie rejuvenating cream. I applied cream beige with a foundation brush and set it with the loose luminous powder in Light. I then showed my cheekbones some love with the 3-in1 Contour Kit, I didn't contour heavily, just a tad! I stared some Shimmer Powder in Starshine right in the top of my cheekbones and finished off with a bit of Peony pressed blush to give some life to the even palette I just created. I prepped my lids for shadow using the amazing Eye Base to hold all my color in place and keep it from creasing. Now, for those of you that know me know I LoVe the Element shadow palette... love, but the earth tone challenge was pulling me in another direction! Eye Illusions in the shade Rapture, wow!! Such an incredibly sexy color, I put it all over my center lid and a tad in my center lower lash line. I then pulled out my Demure palette and used Bare to blend out my crease and Lush (my favorite color in the demure palette, the perfect rust color!) at my outer crease, I used Exposed for my lower liner and Little Black Dress for my upper liner. Popped a little LaLa Volumizing & Lengthening mascara on my upper and lower lashes. I kept my lips pretty natural with Raisin liner all over and 40fy lip treatment over the top! Hope you enjoy!

Makeup Artist - Ash Mac

For November’s collaboration we had a theme of earthy tones. Now typically people think of browns, tans, and even greens when they think about more natural earthy colors. I typically think of those colors too, but for this collaboration I wanted to look at some of the darker colors you can find in nature, like greys and purples.

So to start this look, and using all Motives Cosmetics, I began by applying the Lumiere de Vie pore minimizing serum in the problem areas on my nose and cheeks. Then I applied the face perfecting primer all over my face, and the color correction quad for light to medium on the redness (green) and dark circles under my eyes (orange). From there, I applied my custom blend liquid foundation all over and contoured using the mavens sculpt series in Ice. I set my face using my custom blend mineral powder, and then adjusted the contour slightly with the 3-in-1 contour kit and bronzer in Miami Glow. I then topped off my cheeks with my Peach Twist blush and shimmer powder in Starshine.

From there, I began working on my eyes. I started off with the motives eye base. And again wanting to focus on the beautiful greys and browns nature has to offer, I only used the Element Color palette for this look. Beginning with Birch all over my lid from lash line to eyebrow, and Aubergine on my lid from lash line to crease. Blending the two together with Native in just my crease, then add a little Shell in the inner corners for a bit of shine. Then use Aubergine again on the lower line. From there I lined my upper lash line with the Motives gel liner in Little Black Dress, and finished my eyes with the essential brow kit to fill in and shape my eyebrows.

Last, but not least, I decided to complete the look with a dark amethyst-like lip color. This is a bit darker then what I would normally choose, but I just love the trend of dark lips for fall this year. So using the Matte All Day Liquid Sticks in Concord I apply it all over my lips and then add a dab of Dragonfruit on the center of my lips. Using a lip brush, I blended the 2 together to give a faded ombre affect.

I’m loving how this look turned out. Something I think I’ll be wearing more often as the season progresses.

Makeup Artist - Kinley Kay