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November Spotlight- Sophia Chau Hoang

Our November Spotlight belongs to Sophia Chau Hoang! We were so thrilled when she wanted to come on board with our collaboration team, as she has been one of the artists we've had our eyes on for a while. She's been growing so quickly as a Makeup Artist the last few years and I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments. Please, get to know our friend, Sophia.


Hi, I’m so honored and very humble to be in this group of talented and amazing women. I am in the spotlight… it’s just wow… overwhelming for me. Thank you so much for having me! I want to hug every single one of you.

My name is Sophia Chau Hoang. I had to add ‘Sophia’ in my real name because I was born and grew up in Vietnam until 21 years old, so my name is 100% Vietnamese, my Canadians friends and clients called me with different weird names, because each of them pronounce ‘Chau’ in their own way. But I’m happy that now there’s only 1 Sophia Chau Hoang.

I have business background in Vietnam, I was in Business University and came to Canada after finished only 2 years of the program. I came to Canada with a mission is to sponsor my family (my 2 parents and a brother) to come reside in Canada for a better life. That mission has helped me to go through so much during the first few years. I could finally brought them to Canada in November 2009. That’s when I could start thinking for myself but still didn’t know what I wanted.

I’m also married and have 3 beautiful and intelligent girls. A family with a lot of laughter and sometimes too much actions :D

Four years ago, my cousin Lucy and Anthony invited me to Tiffiny’s Motives training. And that was it! I was hit by the trainer Tiffiny, by the Dietician Sosan, by amazing brothers and sisters like Kevin, Anh, Dao, Tuyen, Nguyet Pam, Tia… they encouraged me, believed in me, gave me lots of advice, lots of self-growth, lots of confidence, I’m just growing like that by their love and support.

I’ve done lots of Motives events, Custom Blend events with my team in Montreal, from the society of business women, to spas and salons, to teachers at a highschool, even did events at my daughter’s daycare to raise some fund for them. Isn’t that amazing? And I did all of these without being a Makeup Artist yet. I was just a Motives Beauty Advisor who is so in love with the products of Motives and the environment she is surrounded with.

Two years ago, I decided to become a professional Makeup Artist. I took it seriously! I took private training from Tiffiny Luong. I started doing creative shoots, and my first job abroad is in Rome, Italy for Viet Nam’s Next Top Model, also for FFashion Magazine and my first published on the cover of FFashion. I was screaming happily in my head the whole time since I accepted the job until it’s published… I keep builing my portfolio, I’ve been taking any opportunity offered, from Latin American Fashion Week, Toronto’s Men Fashion Week, Miss Earth Canada… I got more and more jobs and contracts. I’ve worked very hard in the past 2 years, I’ve accomplished so much more than my whole life in just 2 years.

I’m also certified Esthetician, I am an Eyelash Extensions Artist and Instructor, I have my own line of eyelash extensions called Ilashpro (, I am now a Makeup instructor at a well-known school in Montreal, I am also doing Sculpting Microblading, and I love all of the above :D

I’m so grateful for having my parents, my brother, especially my amazing husband who also support me everything I do (after they see a few things I did worked out) …haha… It’s half true, but I know they will support me no matter what. And my 3 beautiful girls are always there even when I work at events or fashion shows, photoshoots, they want to come to see their Mom work, I’m so in love with them.

I love cooking for the ones I love, especially when they finish the food I made… lol… I love spending time with them. People see me doing so many things and travel and having many businesses, they think I work too much that I don’t have time for my family. They don’t know that I have so much time with them, I can control my schedule, I can have a day off anytime to go with their school’s outings, I can keep them home when they don’t feel good…. It’s all because Motives and Market America have been teaching me to work smart, not just work hard. So because of that, my smart hard works pay off now.

I still work hard, but not because I need it for money, but because I want to learn something from the works I choose to do. That’s the best feeling! I’m in the most relax mood of my life right now.

Cheers! Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read my whole story, I hope I can inspire one of you. Much love!

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