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February Spotlight - Jessi Jewel

I'm tickled to be introducing this month's Artist Spotlight, Jessi Jewel. She is such a beauty and incredibly talented. Read all about her!


They say everything in life is meant to happen for a reason, well, I believe that my journey in life absolutely has happened for a reason and has lead me to where I am today. So this is where my story begins...

As a child, growing up I was a very mellow, quiet, shy little thing, but was always very active in sports. When I started playing softball I shortly after came to find that I caught on so fast and really excelled at it. I was always one of the starting players and could play just about every position, and after playing for almost 9 years I started think well hey... maybe I can go on and play college ball! Well, that whole idea came to a screeching halt when I got into a very serious car accident and suffered almost fatal injuries that almost took my life. So after four spinal fractures, a severe head trama, nerve damage, and some hearing loss, I knew my athletic days were over.

So I of course was drawn back to what I always loved as a small child as far back as I can remember, and that was ART of all kinds. As a kid I would constantly be coloring in coloring books, drawing, painting, playing with makeup, playing dress up, and doing tons of craft projects. So that love for art and creating stayed with me as I began to get older and as I grew into my teens, that's when my love for a different type of art really began to flower. That was of course the art of beauty. Once I discovered makeup and all the things you could do with beauty products that's when I really went crazy, and my personality also showed!!

As my shyness went away I let my fun loving, happy-go-lucky, free spirited, artistic, and creative mind go free and went into this total punk rocker phase. My best friend Morgan and I in high school were rocking pink, purple, green, and fuscia eye shadow, with heavy eye liner, glitter, crimped and waved hair and wore wild hair colors and hair pieces before the wild hair color craze was even a thing! As I grew a little older at about 18 or 19 years old, a friend at work that was a male model at the time says, "Hey! I am modeling in this hair show for this really great hair stylist that's looking for models you should totally do it. Only thing is you would have to be open with her cutting your hair however she wants." So of course since I'm still in my punk rocker phase I go SURE! Why not sounds fun I'll do it.

As I am sitting there at this hair show in Sacramento I am looking around at everything that's going on and I just LOVED IT. Then when it was my turn to have my makeup done, I sat in the chair and looked around at what all the makeup artists were doing which was this really high fashion makeup and I was just so taken back by it and totally in awe. After seeing that, I out loud right then and there said, "I want to do this! I want to do makeup, this is exactly what I want to do." So my journey in the beauty industry began on that very day and there is one picture in this bio that is the only picture I have from that day and I will remember that for the rest of my life.

After discovering my passion, I went to beauty school, got my license, and while in school I took my very first professional makeup artist training coarse with Transformations Makeup Institute and loved every minute of it, not a dull moment in any class. I took the same class twice just because I wanted to really get it and then followed with a third class. After being given lots of intern opportunities from the company and taking every single one of those opportunities, my skill started to grow and I was then asked to assist in teaching my first class. That one class lead to another, and another, and before you know it I was asked to be an instructor! Then I jumped on the train ride and went into the industry with full force and we were doing demos and teaching private education to all the local beauty schools, started doing tv appearances on our local news station, competing in hair and makeup competitions, doing fashion shows, body painting, and working with some very well known people in the industry such as America's Next Top Model contestants and winners, Project Runway contests, some of Sacramento's highest profile wedding venues, and much more.

With that came a really amazing partnership which has now lasted almost 9 years with the president of the company miss Ginger Wong! After several years of working together she always talked about how, "There's just got to be a better way for makeup artists to make steady, consistant, money here in the Sacramento area without going and working at a makeup counter." She then discovered Motives Cosmetics and saw what an amazing, quality, makeup line it was and shared it with me. I of course really loved it too after seeing the quality and color pay off so I, just like she did, go...sign me up!

After partnering my own business with this product line and seeing everything else this company (Market America/Motives Cosmetics) has to offer. I started feeling like I really have the full business package and quality product to offer my clients so in my eyes there is no where to go but UP! So today I am still doing what I love and every year just keeps getting better, and busier, and busier, and I can not wait to see what this new year has in store for me!

- Jessi Jewel


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