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And the Award goes to...

Me, evidently! What? 🤯🤯

To be recognized in front of tens of thousands of people was pretty insane. You *may* be able to tell from the video below that I wasn't expecting it. My friends Lisa Martin & Leigh Raeder were sneaky little sleuths and (with the help of sneaky sleuth number 3, Ivey Ray) got in touch with my husband so he could, in a coordinated attack, hand me the award live on air.


Being given the title of Motives Trainer of the Year is so special to me, even more so considering how many amazing trainers we have in our division, GLOBALLY. For those who know me best, you know that although I've always been outgoing, I've traditionally had a debilitating fear of public speaking. Whether it was in front of 3 or 10,000 people, my body's reaction would be the same. Shakes, heart palpitations, stuttering, sweat, black outs, the works. Sometimes I did better than others, but damn, the fear of public speaking is real.

In 2012 I partnered with Market America & Motives Cosmetics. I quickly realized that I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone, as that would be the only way to succeed not only as an independent internet franchise owner, but as a freelance Makeup Artist with big goals. The development I've experienced over the years through the company's incredible seminars and my own studying of business & marketing has opened many doors and allowed me to grow as an artist, teacher, mentor, and business person.

When I was asked to join the Motives Certified Training team in 2017, I was nervous and excited! Some of my public speaking fears came rushing back because I had no experience as a teacher. Let me tell you, I loved it. Back then it was in person, but has since switched to virtual the last year and a half. Switching to virtual has allowed me to teach folks not only across the United States, but also internationally. How cool is that?

Thank you a million times over, Loren & JR Ridinger. Thank you Lisa & Leigh and the rest of the Motives training & corporate teams. Thank you to my killer team. Thank you to my supportive family, friends, and clients. This was such a cool moment and I appreciate it more than this little blog expresses.


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