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Baby, are you blended?

Custom Blended, that is! I've been creating liquid, cream, and powder cosmetics since 2012. I love it so much that in 2017 I started teaching others how to do it, too! Want to learn more about how you can incorporate custom blending services into your business? Click here to schedule a Zoom date.

If you're not familiar with custom blending, check out some of my reels on Instagram. It's basically a way for me to play "mad scientist" with color theory, makeup, and skincare serums to perfectly match anyone's skin type and tone. I can also make lip creams, blushes, and other fun add-on products. It can all be done virtually or in-person.

I'm writing this particular blog entry today because I am so excited to finally announce my custom blend program! I present to you... Your Magic Mix Custom Blend Subscription Box! 🥳🤩

Over the years, clients have sometimes forgotten to contact me for a refill until they've already run out of their bottle or jar. Hey, it happens! Although I've done my best to avoid it, this has the potential to run into scheduling problems, especially if I'm waiting for a supply shipment or working as a Makeup Artist on a television show. Typically, I'm able to turn around a refill within 24 hours from beaker to USPS drop off, but if I'm waiting for ingredients or out of town and my client is in a hurry to get their new bottle, it pains me to make them wait a week or longer. To avoid any future delays in your blends, I'd like to offer you some exclusive subscription box options.

These special introductory prices will be increasing after 12/31/21. If you start your subscription before that time, your pricing will stay the same for the first year (with major referral incentives)!

Are you ready to get blended but don't know where to start? Maybe you're thinking of starting with one blend to see how you like it before you jump into a subscription box. Click here and plop yourself onto my calendar. We can have a quick 15 minute chat where I'll walk you through the process and all of your options. I'll also give you the low down on my referral incentives!

I can't wait to blend you! 😘




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