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Freshly Picked Food


Wellness and beauty go hand in hand. It may not seem obvious at first, but it’s true! What you eat not only affects how you feel physically, but how you look. Ever notice that you break out after a weekend of too much drinking and eating all the wrong foods? This is why I partner with my clients and coach them about proper nutrition and supplementation. After all, makeup can only take your looks so far and can never make up for a lifetime of unhealthy habits. That’s why I say beauty comes from the inside out.


I am certified to work with doctors and other healthcare professionals to implement wellness programs into their practices. These customizable programs offer patients the option to go a holistic (whole body) route instead (or along side) of taking prescription medicines that can have troubling side effects.


If you want help with a personal plan or know of a healthcare professional who can benefit from my help for his or her practice, contact me to let me know. If you'd like to join my Facebook group for healthy tips and recipes, click here.

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